Ferris Gourmet Coffee Beans

Ferris Coffee & Nut Company imports, roasts and distributes "only the finest" Arabica coffee beans. Fresh roasted Ferris coffee, brewed correctly is truly a superb and enjoyable treat.

Single Origin Coffees - Coffees from different growing regions

Aged Indian Monsooned Malabar AA - Aged over 5 to 6 years, this coffee has developed smokey overtones to its already unique flavor and aroma. If you are looking for a little something different, try this great coffee.

Brazilian Santos - The leader in coffee productions, Brazil, gives us its highest grade: Santos bean. Santos yields a smooth, mellow cup with very little acidity. Great for blending or on its own. We roast Santos bean to a medium city roast.

Celebes Kalossi Toraja Estate - You are sure to enjoy this island coffee with its full body and fine acidity. This unique coffee is similar in flavor to Sumatra but finishes very clean.

Colombian Supremo - Columbia is the world's second largest producer of coffee (after Brazil) and is famous for its strict grading standards. Supremo is the top grade exported from Colombia. Supremo exhibits boldness, medium body and deep aroma. An excellent coffee anytime.

Colombian French Roast - We take the finest Supremo and roast it to a French Roast. With the darker, deeper flavors achieved with the French Roast, this coffee makes a great after dinner cup.

Costa Rican Tarrazu - Costa Rica enjoys an excellent reputation for quality. This Costa Rican "strictly hard bean" comes from the premium growing region Tarrazu. These beans produce a medium bodied, deep flavored coffee with an absolutely wonderful aroma.

Ethiopian Sidamo - From the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, comes this exciting, exotic coffee. East African coffees are noted for their unique flavor characteristics. Winey, fruit berry like high notes give the bean its uniqueness A light body and exceptional smoothness compliment the flavor. A great white tablecloth coffee.

Guatemalan Antigua - Nestled high in the premier growing areas of Antigua are estates dedicated to producing the best tasting coffee possible. This Central American coffee is rich with superb aroma and snappy flavor distinguished by a reddish color, quite possibly making it the most complete coffee in the world.

Hawaiian Estate - Grown on the island of Hawaii's south western Kona coast, this is the only coffee produced commercially in the United States. The beans are large, uniform and take a beautiful roast. In the cup, our Hawaiian Estate is smooth, delicately aromatic, with fine mild flavor.

Indian Plantation A - This Indian Mysore coffee possesses the unmistakable taste of a quality Indian coffee. Similar to the Malabars but with a less intense mouth feel, this is a perfect bean to blend and create your own special blend of quality coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Truly the most exquisite coffee available. Grown on the mountains on the island of Jamaica, in perhaps the world's most perfect growing conditions. From Jamaica comes a coffee that some consider second to none, smooth rich flavor, deep body and very aromatic. Perfect over a candlelight dinner.

Java Estate - Great coffee has been cultivated in Java ever since the Dutch first transplanted trees there in 1696. From Java comes a word that became synonymous with coffee of any origin or blend, "Java".

Kenya AA - Another fine line of great East African coffees, Kenya AA beans have an intense flavor, pointed acidity and a hearty character. Brewed in the cup, the coffee has a flavor combination of heartiness and winy acidity. The perfect bean for brewing in a French Press pot.

Mexican Estate - From the slopes of the high Sierras in southern Mexico, Pluma takes an excellent roast and brews a fragrant, light bodied coffee with a satisfying flavor and mild acidity. Perfect for breakfast, blending or flavoring coffee.

New Ginea AA - Excellent rich cup of coffee with less acid than most coffee grown in this region. Medium to full body with nice aroma.

Sumatra - A rare, exotic coffee from Indonesia, this Arabica bean has an unusual concentrated flavor. Heavy, full body and pugnent herbal aroma. Such vibrant tastes are sure to please the most jaded coffee palates.

Tanzanian Peaberry - Peaberry (known as two beans in one) is a lively, exotic coffee. A heavy body yet clean and direct flavor that finishes well. This coffee contains a strong nut flavor making it a great coffee to blend or all by itself.

Zimbabwe AA - One of the southern most coffee producing regions. Zimbabwe offers excellent conditions which produce a nice full body coffee with mild winey overtones.

Ferris Gourmet Blends- Our Master Roaster has developed gourmet blends.

Breakfast Blend - America's favorite coffee. Medium light roast brings out the true character to this coffee, making it a great first cup every morning.

Calabria - One ofour signature blends, Calabria combines deep, rich tones withh light complexity for an even and truly pleasing cup. Close your eyes and let this blend take you away.

Dante's Choice - Names after the father of modern day Italian language and culture, this Italian espresso blend with its traditional roast offers teh truest in Italian espresso flavor. Whether served as espresso or brewed coffee this blend will please the most sophisticated palate.

Dinner Blend - Our Premier Blend of Estate Java, Central American and Eastern African beans. Truly a rich cup of coffee, full body and a mild winey acidity.

Espresso - Barista Classic (1) - A three bean blend roasted separately to an espresso roast create this premium espresso.

Espresso - Barista Supreme (2) - This private blend has many varieties and a small portion of Robusto bean which makes this the perfect espresso.

Kent Club Blend - Ferris Kent Club has been our staple sincel 1924. A blend found throughout Michigan at many restaurants and winner of numerous "Best Coffee" awards. A delicious light bodied blend of Latin American coffees. The flavor is light and lively with a rich old fashioned aroma. This is a blend for the "bottomless" cup.

Kona Blend - We have blended the finest Royal Kona with Latin American Arabicas to create a smooth, mildly balanced coffee with light aromatic fragrances.

Mocha Java - The most famous of all coffee blends, combining the creamy richness of Estate Java with the exotic flavor of the Ethiopian bean. This coffee brews a lively rich bodied coffee with balanced acidity and a deep fragrant aroma.

Peak of Andres - We've blended a Central American mild bean with a Java Estate bean to create a truly unique blend that is sure to please. This coffee has a medium to full body and finishes with a clean distinct flavor.

Private Fancy Blend - This blend consists of a high grade Central American coffee joined with two South American coffees' deep roasted beans. This creates a very hearty body with snappy acidity and a spicy aroma.

West Coast Blend - This unique dark roasted Ferris Blend produces a bold, full bodied cup of coffee with a rich aroma.

Organic Coffee Selections - (Certificates available upon request)

Organic Peru - Grown at lower elevations than most specialty coffee, this Peruvian coffee contains a more pungent flavor. It is a very bold coffee with medium body, great with sweet desserts or after dinner.

Organic New Guinea - This coffee with its lively aroma and full body has a great finish. A favorite of many coffee buyers through the years, this organic version is great.

Organic Shade Grown Selections - (Certificates available upon request)

Organic Shade Costa Rican - This shade grown coffee is recognized for its fine flavors, rich body and sharp acidity. This high grown Arabica bean is unlike any other.

Organic Shade Guatemalan - This strictly hard organic shade grown coffee bean is grown in the Hue Hue Tnango region of Guatemala. This is a fragrant and aromatic coffee with good body and acidity. Hue Hue Tnango is located in the Northwestern corner of the country. The coffee is nurtured in the rich volcanic soil, hand picked and patio dried. It is a well balanced cup with great acidity, abundant fruit and a rich chocolate body.

Organic Shade Timor - Organic shade grown Timor is grown on the Island of Timor in the Indonesian archipelago. It is rich and full bodied as an Indonesian should be with a hint of dryness to the cup. This is an excellent coffee with a rich full cup.

Fair Trade Coffees

Cafe Femenino - Cafe Femenino is an organic fair trade coffee produced by an organization of women coffee producers. The organization was developed to strengthen women's rights and improve their treatment in developing countries by empowering them with the job training and skills as well as financial resources to rise above mistreatment and marginalization. For every pound sold, Ferris Coffee will donate 25¢ to local women's crisis programs.

Forestal Tajumulco Guatemala - Nestled in the mountains just below Volcano Tajumalco, this coffee is grown at elevations between 4000 and 5000 feet. The coffee variety is Bourbon, Typica and Canturra. This rare coffee has very good acidity and is nicely balanced with a slight hint of spice. It is truly a coffee to remember and a name you won't soon forget. "Forestal Tajumulco!"

Matagalpa Nicaragua - In the highlands, the fertile ricch soils and temperate climates are ideal for producng high-quality gourmet coffee. The coffee is grown at approximately 1200 to 1300 meters above sea level in the Matagalpa region. The coffee trees are mostly of the older bourbon variety with some caturra and a small amount of catuai. The coffee is certified organic, shade grown. It is clean, with a medium body, complex aromatics and a unique flavor profile that only a great Nicaraguan coffee can offer.

Peru Penachi - The Penachi region is about six hours north of the coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru. About 100 miles inland from the pacific coast, there is Andes mountain jungle, at elecations between 1100 and 1500 meters abouve sea level, that separates Peru from Equador. It is here in tehse mountains, that our organic coffee is grown. This coffee is OCIA organic certified shade grown coffee. It is bright and lively, with good acidity, medium body, and with a pleasurable sweet finish.

Sumatra Takengon - From the scenic highland slopes of the Gayo mountains near Laut Tawar in the Takengon region of northern Sumatra, comes the exotically aromatic "Takengon" Sumatra coffee. This OCIA certified organic Sumatra semi-washed coffee is full bodied, slightly fruity, and clean with a sweet finish. This coffee is great as a varietal, and perfect for espresso.

Ferris Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee - Ferris imports and roasts only the finest Decaffeinated Coffees. All of our coffees are decaffeinated with out the use of chemicals. Coffee labeled S.W.P uses a distinct "Swiss Water Process" to decaffeinate the coffee beans. The balance of our coffees use a charcoal process to decaffeinate the coffee. Enjoy!

Single Origin
100% Colombian - S.W.P. Decaf
Colombian - CO2 Decaf
Colombian French Roast - S.W.P. Decaf
Costa Rican - CO2 Decaf
Ethiopian Sidamo - S.W.P. Decaf
Guatemalan Antigua - CO2 Decaf
100% Hawaiian Estate - S.W.P. Decaf
Java - S.W.P. Decaf
Kenya AA - S.W.P. Decaf
Sumatra - CO2 Decaf

Gourmet Blends
Breakfast Blend Decaf
Dinner Blend - S.W.P. Decaf
Espresso Barista Classic - S.W.P. Decaf
Kent Club Decaf
Kona Blend - S.W.P. Decaf
Mocha Java - S.W.P. Decaf
Peak of Andes - S.W.P. Decaf

Ferris Flavored Gourmet Coffee - Here at Ferris, we are committed to bring you the finest flavored coffee available. We flavor only our top grade coffee with many traditional flavors as well as some quite exotic. The world of flavored coffee is seemingly endless in its quest to satisfy everyone's favorite flavor. Give us a call, and we will do our best to provide you with almost any flavor your heart desires.

For more information, contact us or call toll free 1-800-933-7747.