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Poll: 84% of Palestinians back yeshiva attack

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The vast majority of Palestinian Authority residents support the terror attack on Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva that killed eight students earlier on March 6, according to a new poll cited in the New York Times on Wednesday.

A student wounded in the shooting attack in Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva is evacuated to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital. [file]
Photo: AP

According to the survey, which was conducted among 1,270 Palestinians in the West Bank, 84 percent of those polled stood behind the shooting attack. In addition, 64% supported firing Kassam rockets at Negev towns.

"The anger that this poll is registering is about equal to that at the very height of the second intifada," the paper quoted the pollster, Khalil Shikaki, as saying.

He added that he had never seen such a high level of support for an act of violence in all his 15 years of polling in Ramallah.

The survey also indicated that the majority of Palestinians would choose Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (47%) over Palestinian

Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (46%) if elections were called now, and that three-quarters of Palestinians favored terminating negotiations between the Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The poll had a margin error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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88. USA should be more careful and not finance terrorism
Fred> - USA (03/21/2008 01:18)
87. # 69 Robert Irwin-CA 84% of Palestinians back yeshiva attack
Reuven Ben-Daniel - Israel (03/21/2008 00:33)
86. These are not innocent civilians; these are the murderers of jews
bernard ross - jamaica (03/20/2008 23:24)
85. Poll: 84% of Palestinians back yeshiva attack = terrorists back terrorism â¿" not surprised
Rachel - USA (03/20/2008 22:34)
84. To Rak - Born Yesterday?
Mike - USA (03/20/2008 22:27)
83. why are you here?
matt - (03/20/2008 21:47)
82. Racism
Eivind - Norway (03/20/2008 21:32)
81. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
Frank Molnar - USA (03/20/2008 21:06)
80. ANY Aid to Palestinians .. IS an AID for fostering Islamo Fascism
Anand - (03/20/2008 21:05)
79. Your analysis is woefully flawed, #54
Not The Other Herb - USA (03/20/2008 21:03)
78. You Israeli's need to wake up and scrap the Jewish State....
Rak - UK (03/20/2008 19:50)
77. straigh talk to Irwin #69 who gets it half wright re comparison of Palestinaisn and and Native Americans
AF - (03/20/2008 19:43)
76. #69- are the Jordanians also "dispossesed"???
Sara A - USA (03/20/2008 19:39)
75. We in the US need to wake up too
Fred - USA (03/20/2008 19:38)
74. If a poll on 11/9 were to be done, figures would be even higher.
gregorio - argentina (03/20/2008 14:21)
73. And The PA Gets What?
Bill - USA (03/20/2008 14:18)
72. There are no innocent bystanders!
Samson Unshackled - Kuwait (03/20/2008 14:17)
71. Just more irrelevant info to the world
Chuck A - USA (03/20/2008 14:16)
70. What thse figures show.
gregorio - argentina (03/20/2008 14:12)
69. if Palestinians were Indians
Ronald Irwin - CA (03/20/2008 13:56)
68. 41 is right, I agree and I think it is fair and reasonable, I say the Pledge to the US
Jack - USA (03/20/2008 13:47)
Maya - Sweden (03/20/2008 12:17)
66. Tragic but not surprising
Ann - USA (03/20/2008 12:00)
65. I Guess in Gaza it must be more like 99.9%...
Shmuel - Israel (03/20/2008 11:48)
64. isn't a surprise
elena - Spain (03/20/2008 11:27)
63. Israelis fault for hiring Palestinian murderers
George - USA (03/20/2008 11:02)
62. Tell the U.S. taxpayers
Maurice, MD - (03/20/2008 08:11)
61. 84% of Palestinians support murder of Jews: extremely serious! Peace seems impossible at this time.
Joe - USA (03/20/2008 08:00)
60. 84% is nothing. Kadima backs the Mercav attack 100%!
Carl Sesar - USA (03/20/2008 07:18)
59. "US to transfer $150m. to Palestinians"
Not The Other Herb - USA (03/20/2008 06:08)
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