THX sound is basically a quality standard, the credit for which goes to Lucas Film. The THX standard says that the sound effects produced by the film studio or dubbing studio must be reproduced in a theater exactly the same way. THX is defined as a certification system for theaters.

The THX standard came about when Lucas Film composed the famous sound mix for the film Return of the Jedi in the Star War series. They discovered that certain sounds that were audible in the dubbing studio were not audible in the movie theater. There was consequently a loss of audio effects. To avoid this, THX was developed. The name THX itself was born from George Lucas’ film THX 11 38 and the X-over or crossover of the THX filter developer, Tomlinson Holman.

The THX Sound System standard regulates recording studios, theater sound systems, playback equipment etc so that compliance can be ensured. For the home theater, THX processors and THX speakers let you enjoy THX sounds.

Deep note is the famous THX theme sound you see which sounds like a crescendo. The THX theme sounds were developed by an algorithm’s electronic sound, which is unique and still takes the breath of the listener away. Deep note is basically the THX logo in audio format. The first ever time it was played was in the THX trailer of the Return of the Jedi premiere. In fact, there was a time when the THX sound was played four thousand times per day in movie theaters all over the world. When you see the THX logo in a movie theater, it is accompanied with this THX intro sound. It is available as a THX WAV or THX MP3 file format. THX desktop themes are available for download from the THX website.

To test the frequency and dynamic range of theater acoustics and the surround sound system the THX sound test was developed. THX trailers are made up of spectacular audio and visual effects. Each THX trailer is unique in its own way.

THX A/V receivers are a vital part in home theater audio since the THX sound effects mean optimization of the surround sound. You can experience superb picture and sound quality. In fact, the THX certified power amplifier undergoes several audio related tests and once this is completed, it can work with any pre amplifier and speaker system. THX certification process involves total theater design, and any sound that might disturb the audience is completely eliminated. THX certification even tells you the kind of speakers and amplifiers to install.

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