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Rare comments on Banjo-Kazooie 360 site launch

Update: Rare promises site updates "relatively soon"
A Banjo website has been launched but it contains nothing more than a spinning puzzle piece (or a Jiggy, as fans will know it), with the words "coming soon" appearing intermittently with Banjo's teethy, 'I'm-not-saying-anything' face.

Update: Rare has contacted CVG to inform us that, while the teaser site is currently thin on content, it will be updated soon. Rare community manager, George Kelion, told CVG: "Like the game, the teaser site is still under construction and you can expect updates relatively soon." Fingers on the F5 button, then. Original story continues:

So we presume the game will again feature Jiggys, one of the items you'll probably be collecting, along with, we guess, those annoyingly whiny little Jinjo bastards, musical notes, feathers, eggs, and whatever other tat Rare has dreamed up in the past decade.

What's this all about? They tell us the game's in the making but show us absolutely nothing for years, and even send us banjo-themed Christmas cards and launch an empty website just to rub the infuriatingly stubborn info drought in our faces.

And the site forces you to install some Microsoft web program in the promise that you'll get to "experience the site fully".

Rare insists, however, that it'll be out this year. Fingers crossed...