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AMD-K6®-III Product Brief
  • Tremendous Processing Power for the Home
  • Outstanding Performance for Business Users
  • Realistic 3D Computing Experience
  • Innovative TriLevel Cache™ Design

Tremendous Processing Power for the Home
The AMD-K6®-III processor takes Windows® 98 performance to greater levels. It provides the power you need to take control of your finances, run today's hottest education software, or navigate your way through the ever-expanding Internet.

Outstanding Performance for Business Users
Get the computational muscle you need for today's Internet and business productivity applications. AMD's innovative TriLevel Cache™ design boosts overall PC performance on Windows NT® applications. Realistic 3D Computing Experience

Release the potential of today's gaming, productivity, and Internet software for a more realistic 3D multimedia experience. The AMD-K6-III processor combines 3DNow!™ technology and AMD's innovative TriLevel Cache design to bring your PC to life with detailed 3D images, colorful graphics, crisp sound and smooth digital video playback.

Innovative TriLevel Cache™ Design
AMD's TriLevel Cache design enables the largest total system cache on currently available desktop PCs, resulting in excellent performance on Windows applications. Even computation-intensive and memory-intensive applications run quickly and efficiently on systems using the AMD-K6-III processor with TriLevel Cache.
  • Larger: An AMD-K6-III processor-based PC can deliver up to 2,368KB of total system cache-more than four times the size of the 544KB maximum system cache of a Pentium III processor-based PC. In general, the larger the cache, the better the system performance.
  • Faster: The AMD-K6-III processor's 320KB of internal cache-including a 256KB Level 2 (L2) cache in addition to the 64KB Level 1 (L1) cache that's standard in AMD-K6 family processors-races along at the full speed of the processor.
  • More flexible: The AMD-K6-III is the first desktop PC processor to offer a 100-MHz frontside bus to an optional Level 3 (L3) external cache on the Super7™ platform. This flexible, three-level cache design results in a maximum combined system cache that's unsurpassed in the desktop PC industry.
AMD-K6®-III Pentium® III
Maximum total system cache 2368 KB 544 KB
Total Internal Cache 320 KB 32 KB
L2 cache speed (relative to CPU) Full-Speed Half-Speed
Enables external L3 cache Yes No

If It's From AMD, It's Compatible
The AMD-K6-III processor's compatibility is proven through extensive internal and external testing and verification. The AMD-K6-III processor is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system, other leading operating systems, more than 60,000 software applications, and the latest software optimized for 3DNow! technology.

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