Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
Intel: 35 Years of Innovation
1968 Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore found Intel in Santa Clara, California

1969 Intel dropped "e" logo developed

1969 Intel introduces the 3101 Schottky bipolar RAM, and the world's first MOS static RAM, the 1101

1970 Intel announces 1103-DRAM, usurping core memory as the industry standard

1971 Intel goes public

1971 Intel introduces the first microprocessor, the 4004, and world's first EPROMs

1972 Intel introduces the first 8-bit microprocessor, the 8008

1973 Intel opens its first assembly facility outside the U.S., in Penang, Malaysia

1974 Intel introduces the 8080, considered the world's first true general-purpose microprocessor

1974 Intel opens second facility outside the U.S., in the Philippines

1974 Intel opens first design center outside the U.S., in Haifa, Israel

1976 Intel Japan K.K. opens

1979 Intel introduces the 8086 16-bit microprocessor

1979 Intel debuts on Fortune 500 list at number 486

1980 Intel opens office in Hong Kong

1985 Intel exits DRAM business and concentrates on microprocessors

1985 Intel opens office in Beijing, China

1985 Intel launches Intel386™ processor, incorporating 275K transistors

1989 Intel486™ processor debuts, with 1.2 million transistors

1989 National Academy of Engineering names microprocessor one of 10 outstanding engineering achievements

1991 Intel launches the Intel Inside® marketing campaign

1993 Dataquest ranks Intel the world's largest producer of semiconductors

1993 Intel® Pentium® processor introduced (with 3.1 million transistors)

1993 Fab in Ireland starts production

1997 Andy Grove named Time "Man of the Year"

1999 Intel added to Dow Jones Industrial Average

2001 Intel publishes its first Global Citizenship Report

2003 Intel launches Intel® Centrino® mobile technology

2003 Intel celebrates 35th anniversary
1972 Stock Participation Plan introduced

1978 First annual corporate giving campaign

1980 Tuition reimbursement program begins

1981 Sabbatical program announced

1985 First quarterly Business Update Meeting to keep employees informed

1986 First Intel employee corporate culture survey

1988 Intel domestic facilities go "smokeless"

1988 Employee Cash Bonus Program announced

1988 First showers/fitness centers at Intel

1988 Intel Foundation established

1990 Intel Quality Award program begins

1991 Redeployment program: opportunities for employees to move internally during times of hiring cutbacks

1992 Intel Museum opens to the public in Santa Clara, California

1992 Intel opens Tadika Seri Intel, first kindergarten in Malaysia's Free Trade Zone

1994 First Intel childcare program, at Fab 8 in Israel

1995 Establishment of formal employee networking and support groups

1996 Employee Bonus program expanded to all employees

1996 First online employee newsletter, Circuit News, begins publication

1997 Rule of 75 (age + years of service) allowing early retirement begins

1997 Stock option program expanded to all employees

1997 Domestic partner benefits available

1997 Intel becomes the sponsor of high school science competition: Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

1998 Intel makes first Fortune "100 Best Companies to Work For" list (and has been on it ever since)

1998 Intel becomes the sponsor of Science Talent Search, 57-year-old U.S. high school science competition

1999 Intel® Education Initiative and Intel Teach to the Future program established

2000 First Intel Computer Clubhouse

2000 Home PC program begins: one-time free home PC to each employee

2001 First U.S. childcare program begins in Santa Clara, California

2003 Consumer-driven healthcare plan option begins
Environment, Health
& Safety
1982 First safety and health operations review

1984 First environmental operations review

1985 First Intel safety policy established

1985 First Intel environmental policy established

1990 Policy to eliminate use of chlorofluorocarbons established

1991 First integrated EHS policy established

1992 Intel Safety Self-Assessment instituted

1994 First Intel EHS Report published

1995 Intel becomes pilot site for U.S. EPA's Project XL

1996 Intel Ireland obtains ISO 14001 certification

1997 Advanced Safety Self-Assessment instituted

1997 First New Mexico site risk assessment published

1998 Intel Costa Rica publishes its first EHS report

1998 Intel achieves world-class injury/illness rates

1999 Intel selected for inaugural Dow Jones Sustainability Index

1999 First EHS Signature Project begins

1999 Intel introduces Instantly Available Personal Computer (IAPC) energy-saving technology

2000 Intel/Nature Conservancy "Last Great Places" web site created

2000 Intel's Lead-Free Initiative established

2001 Intel/Conservation International Biodiversity web site created

2001 National Safety Council awards Intel Green Cross for Safety

2002 Intel first named Sector Leader, Dow Jones Sustainability Index

2002 Intel gets companywide ISO 14001 certification

2002 Intel receives Clean Air Excellence Award from the U.S. EPA

2002 Intel named "Best in Class" by Storebrand Investments

2003 First renewable power electricity contracts signed

2003 Intel signs up with the U.S. EPA's Plug-In to eCycling program

2003 Intel service and construction suppliers achieve world-class safety performance

2003 First formal energy reduction goal set
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