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Mar 22, 2008
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Mulberry, 'Ppong' (1986) (2005)

Director: Lee Du-yong
Cast: Lee Mi-suk, Lee Dae-geun
Region code: 3
Subtitles: English
Running time: 111 min.
Rating: 18+
Sound: DD

Our Price: USD $10.05 (KRW 9,900)

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Prize of Best Film/ Best Actress/ Lee Mi-Suk/ Best Actor/ Lee Dae-Keun at 6th Film Critics Award/ Prize of Best Director at 22nd Korea Drama and Film Art Award/Prize of Best Adaptation at 24th Dae Jong Award/Presented to 31st Asian Pacific Film Festival/Presented to 10th Montreal Film Festival

During the Japanese occupation, there lived a woman named An-hyub in Yong-dam Village. Her husband was a gambler who comes by every few months to change his clothes and pick up money. Still, she waits for her husband. She sells her body to the men of the village in exchange for rice and goods which she lived on. The only man she won't sleep with is a servant named Sam-dol. So when her husband returns, Sam-dol tells him about her loose behavior. However, Sam-bo, her husband, beats Sam-dol up instead and comforts his wife before leaving again. And An-hyub again waits for her husband, Sam-bo.
(Korean Film Archive)
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