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Center for Inquiry Celebrates Grand Opening

June 9, 1995

Center for Inquiry

The gala grand opening on June 9, 1995, of the Center for Inquiry, Phase II, in Amherst, New York, attracted some 230 well-wishers. The centerpiece of CSICOP's shared headquarters was dedicated by author and entertainer Steve Allen. Also participating were Leon Jaroff, Science Editor Emeritus of Time; Herbert Hauptman, Nobel Laureate in chemistry; Stan Lundine, former Lieutenant Governor of New York; Skeptical Inquirer Editor Kendrick Frazier, and many others.

The Center for Inquiry campus now provides 20,000 square feet of office, meeting, seminar, library, and warehouse space that is shared by CSICOP and CODESH (the Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism). The Center has a library complex with a capacity for 50,000 volumes, and houses three special libraries on science and skepticism, freethought and humanism, and American philosophical naturalism.

Representatives from several international skeptical and humanist groups enlivened the event, including Amardeo Sarma, representing European Skeptics and Mario Mendez Acosta of Mexico's SOMIE organization.

"Nationwide and worldwide, the skeptical movement will benefit from an impressive headquarters institution that includes library facilities, meeting and conference rooms that hold 200 people, audio and video production spaces, and other vitally needed capabilities,"
said CSICOP Chair Paul Kurtz.

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