February 20th, 2007 by Brian

Anyone who has ever tried to name a company knows how difficult it can be to find a name and a matching available URL, let alone one that you and your business partner like.

I got a kick out of this IM thread between oDesk co-founders Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis that chronicles the selection of “oDesk.com”.

(August 31, 2002)

OT - …how about nodesk.com? [Ed. note - Odysseas had worked with an outsourcing firm called “nostaff” while with a previous company.]

SK - sure, that sounds like a positive name for a company

OT - I bet people have taken the odesk.com …sh*t its still available

SK - odesk is no good, look for idesk or edesk..

OT - You won’t believe but almost every other letter is taken for *desk unless if you prefer fdesk.com :-)

SK - I still don’t like it..

OT - you would have liked it if it were sdesk

SK - har har..

OT - We can stick a globe instead of the O you know

SK - .

OT - Or we can make it 0desk (zerodesk.)

SK - stop it

OT - I am taking it and when you find a better one we change it….

And we didn’t even need to pay $7.5 million for our URL.

2 Responses to “Nodesk.com becomes oDesk.com”

  1. Vineet Says:

    Wow that’s cool! You know in those heady days I couldn’t find VirtualCity or VirtualSoft (my company names) so I settled for http://www.virtualciti.com

  2. Nasir Says:

    (S)o, that’s the story… hehe…

    BTW, vinette, your choice of “citi” could actually get you in trouble with “citibank”…

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