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Dr. Karla Turner's Rare Books

Dr. Turner's books are all out of print; in addition,"Taken" and "Masquerade" are both very expensive to obtain on the used market. They also happen to be two of the most important books ever written on the UFO abduction phenomenon.

"Into the Fringe," Dr. Turner's first book, also provides much valuable background information on the experiences of this pioneering researcher.

If you read no other book on the subject of UFOs and alien abduction read "Taken." It is easily one of the most informative and relevant books on the overall implications of this phenomenon yet written.

Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda (PDF)

traduction française

Masquerade of Angels (PDF)

Masquerade of Angels
Into the Fringe (PDF)


If you would like to have your own printed version of these books, download these Kinko's Document Format (KDF) versions of Taken and Masquerade of Angels. Then visit Kinko's online ordering, where their website will allow you to upload the file directly to their system. They can have a hard copy ready for you the next day at your nearest store for about $25 each. When ordering, we recommend choosing the quality 28-lb paper, double sided black & white printing, and coil binding.

Online Video Lectures

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"UFO & Military

New Jersey 1994
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The Secret Agenda"
Las Vegas 1993
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"Living With Abduction"
(with Casey Turner)
Las Vegas 1993

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Panel Discussion
Las Vegas 1993

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Dr. Karla Turner Articles & Interviews


Who was Karla Turner? Research Citing Dr. Turner:
Abduction Investigator And Human Rights Activist Quoted at Crystalinks "Abduction" Page
"In Memory of Karla Turner" Article Quoted in "Abductee Brainwashing"
Obituary Quoted in "Messengers of Deception"
Qui a tué Karla Turner ? Quoted in "Alien Abduction, Black Magic & The Dark Gods"
  Quoted in Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB 
Articles by Karla Turner: Quoted in "UFO Abduction & Contactee Messages: An Analysis and Warning"

Expanding the Parameters of the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda

Quoted in "Measuring the Prevalence of False Memories"
Are Aliens Negative From Our Point of View? Mentioned in "Liquidation of the UFO Researchers"
Encounter Phenomena Defy Set Pattern Mentioned in review of "MILABS" book
Genetic Agenda: A Double-Cross Mentioned in "Continuation of Aurobindo"
Abductions in the Gingerbread House Mentioned in an online forum - her cancer condition
Summer 1995 Letter to ELF Infested Spaces Mentioned in "If Not, Then Why All This?"
  Mentioned in "Project MILAB" by Dr. Helmut Lammer
Interviews with Karla Turner: Mentioned in "MILABS" articlle by Malcolm Robinson
ELF Infested Spaces Researcher Re:Viewed Discussed in "Researcher Focus: Karla Turner" Fall 1994
Contact Forum May/June 1995  
Kidnapped: Human Monitoring of CE4 Experience  
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Dr. Karla Turner Audio Recordings

Dr. Turner's Final Lecture - May 7, 1995 - San Diego, CA

Voices of the Taken
Interviews with 6 women whose experiences are told in Taken.

Interview by Greg Bishop at the Austin MUFON conference July 9, 1994
courtesy of excludedmiddle.com


Transcripts of Dr. Turner's Online Classes

(the original 1.1 link was a link to an incomplete version of the "Gingerbread House" article)


Additional important reading:

Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator by Barbara Bartholic with Peggy Fielding
The Allies of Humanity by Marshall Vian Summers
Chasing Phantoms: The Abduction / Mind-Control Phenomenon by Carissa Conti
The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz (1911)
PhilSchneider.org Our companion website for another murdered whistleblower.
Montalk Important synthesis of materials on the alien agenda and more.
In2Worlds Reality glitches, paranormal and anomalous happenings, number sightings, ear tones, deja vus, synchronicities, parallel timelines and timeline manipulation, military/alien abductions and mind control, dimensional bleed throughs, shifting to higher realms, and more…
AlienLoveBite.com Alien manipulation of human love relationships

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Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers.

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