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September 27, 2006

Jumpcut Joins the Yahoo! Video Family

Yes it's true!

Jumpcut just announced they've agreed to join us, which will make Yahoo! Video an even better place for people to create, share, and discover great video online. If you haven't heard of Jumpcut, it's a San Francisco-based startup that has a passionate community of users and a great suite of online video editing capabilities.

Ever since Yahoo! Research Berkeley launched the International Remixer, our interest in this space has been pretty clear - we couldn't stop talking about how cool it is to mashup multimedia of all kinds.

So needless to say, we are very happy to have Jumpcut join the Social Media group here. They'll be bunk-mates with Flickr, and just around the virtual corner from del.icio.us, and Upcoming.

Please head over to Jumpcut's blog for the official word.

Jason Zajac
VP Social Media


Congrats on the successful acquisition!

Excellent buy IMO. They have a great offering and I was hoping that we would of made the purchase and used it is backend for Soapbox.

Yahoo! Inc. Search Blog (NASDAQ YHOO) just reported that Yahoo! has acquired Jumpcut. It goes to show that companies with great technology are always going to have a great exit.

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Jumpcut + Yahoo = A Great Fit.

I consider Jumpcut one of the best alternatives to YouTube at the moment. The lack of good online video editing and general undereducation is what’s keeping the video rage from going to the next level - if only because it’s tedious (at best) and impossibly complex (at worst) to mess with video.

Btw, I wrote a detailed review of Jumpcut, if anyone’s interested: http://www.vibetechnology.com/vt/2006/11/04/mix-and-edit-media-online-with-jumpcut/.

Others have mentioned it, and you probably know - there ought to be a better bridge between this kind of service and pro/offline editing.

There’s where real money could come in to play.