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Feature: Game: Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

By: Jamie Cullen

29 Feb 08

Play Off-Road Velociraptor Safari for free

Dinosaurs, eh? They just can't seem to help going extinct especially if you ram a dirty great 4x4 into them before dragging them around on the end of a spiky ball and chain.

Looks like this game won't be winning any environmental awards any time soon...

Your quarry is the humble velociraptor - the fleet-footed killers beloved by the Jurassic Park franchise. For every one of these beasties you bring down and haul back to base, you get a heap of points. Stunts add to your score, and the points you rack up can be multiplied by doing the same thing in quick succession, so frantic key-whacking is the order of the day.

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The action is slick and wonderfully arcadey - you won't be punished for rolling over, flying off a cliff or skidding artlessly into a palm tree.

Velociraptor Safari is undemanding fun that gently teases you into finding ever more elaborate ways of racking up score within the five minute limit, and there's loads of terrain to explore as you please. It's a real laugh and is one of our favourite coffee-break games of the moment.

The arrow keys, plus space to deploy/release your ball and chain. Press 'B' for a short speed boost.

You may need to download a plug-in for your browser to play this game.

Play Off-Road Velociraptor Safari for free
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