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A child born of prophecy, he has left a mark on the history of the galaxy...
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Designs of Ep II: Hot Rod Speeder
June 01, 2001


Star Wars movies take place in immense settings realized through digitally enhanced imagery. At the same time, though, they're personal stories about individual heroes and villains. To move these characters around these grandiose landscapes, they need to travel in a style befitting the saga. This bright yellow hot rod speeder is just the answer.

"It didn't take long at all to design," recalls Concept Artist Jay Shuster. "The chosen sketch was done 15-20 minutes before one of the art meetings. There were six or seven drawings on the board, and I had thought 'George is never going to pick this one.' Sure enough, though, you never know what he's going to pick. There was a certain character to it that he enjoyed," says Concept Artist Jay Shuster. With a design chosen, the Art Department began adding color and detail. "I put some racing decals on it, kind of a NASCAR thing. I put little STP stickers on it. I tried to make it as sporty as possible," recalls Shuster.

The story demands of this particular speeder determined many of its features. "George wanted Anakin and Obi-Wan to do certain things, physically, on this speeder, so it only made sense that it be a convertible," says Design Director Doug Chiang.

[ Designs of Ep II: Hot Rod Speeder ][ Designs of Ep II: Hot Rod Speeder ][ Designs of Ep II: Hot Rod Speeder ]

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