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1/3/07 Sigh. Many of you have written and asked "what is going on?" Too much real world mostly. We wish to thank everyone who has read, and those who wrote to tell us how much they appreciate this series. I really hope we can finish this series in the style it deserves!
Don't give up on us quite yet.
Christina Producer, mother hen, and dreamer.

6/14/04 Vissi d'Arte: Doctor Mark Zimmerman has scheduled a little R&R in the holodeck.
The Virtual Season staff has been hit hard by real life--and writer's block. This short was to have been part of the next story, but everytime I try to work on it, the story changes. Those who know the opera Tosca, can probably guess what the original story would have been, more or less.

By: CyberMum

There was a Trek Captain so fair
(Except for an evil death stare)
Who constantly spurned
Her C.O. who turned
To any blonde out of despair.

This Captain and her Commander
For seven long years did meander
Through thick and through thin.
She never gave in.
(We won't speak of the salamander).

We watched. Every week was the same.
They both played that tired old game
He'd flirt and she'd touch
It wasn't that much -
Just enough to hope sparks would flame.

However it wasn't to be
The handsome (but portly) Maquis
Relinquished his spine
And took Seven of Nine.
NOT something we wanted to see.

And so formed an intrepid group
Who felt a strong need to recoup
The loss of romance,
And sought to enhance
The plot of the show in one swoop.

We at Season Seven point Five
Will work very hard to contrive
(And unlike Braga
Pre-plot our saga)
To keep this Trek legend alive.

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