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Lasagne scarf

This is a simple scarf in principle, but gruelling in the execution (the last row of knitting contains more than 1700 stitches). In order to complete it, you'll need circular needles totalling at least 250 cm (100") in length. I used six 60 cm (24") circular needles, and that was a bit tight.

The scarf is a basic stockinette rectangle edged on all sides with ruffles. In order to minimize picked-up stitches on the scarf edges, the body is knitted lengthwise from a provisional cast on. This particular scarf is approximately 101 cm (40") long and 14 cm (5.5") wide, excluding ruffles. You can of course make this scarf any size, but bear in mind that every stitch added to a dimension of the scarf body equals four stitches added to the ruffling rows. Also, the lengthwise stretch of the scarf means that the scarf will curl somewhat along the long edges, reducing the effective width of the scarf; so a thin scarf will resemble a knitted boa, being more ruffle than scarf.

If you're giving the scarf as a gift, it rolls up into a nifty little roulade with ruffling on both sides. Tie a ribbon around it and your wrapping is done.

Yarn:  Approximately 300 meters (330 yards) of aran weight yarn.

Gauge:  About 4.5 sts and 6 rows to 2.5 cm (1"). Since this is a scarf, exact gauge isn't important.

Needles:  5 mm (US 8), or whatever you need to get your gauge.

Use your preferred provisional cast on method to cast on 180 sts.  Work 34 rows in stockinette. The right side should be facing for the next row.

K1, K1B into each st--360 sts on the needle. Pick up one or two sts (whatever you can manage) at the corner of the scarf to allow for the corner turn in the ruffle. Then pick up 1 st for every edge st along one short end of the scarf. Again, pick up one or two sts at the next corner--approximately 397 sts.

Place the provisionally cast on sts on another needle. K1, K1B into each st on this long edge--approximately 757 sts on the needle. Again, pick up one or two sts at the next corner; then pick up 1 st for every edge st along the remaining short end of the scarf; then finally pick up one or two sts at the last corner--approximately 794 sts on the needle.

Continuing to work in the round, knit the 360 sts along the two long edges without any increasing, but K1, K1B into each st around the corner turnings and along the short ends of the scarf--approximately 868 sts at the end of this round. On the next round, K1, K1B into every st--approximately 1736 sts. Bind off all sts, sew in any loose ends, and steam block lightly if desired.

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