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Neil Fingleton

In January 2007, Guinness World Records officially recognised Neil Fingleton as the UK's tallest man. Below is a brief bio, in Neil's own words.

I am one of three siblings - my sister who is 6'3 is the eldest at 30, my brother is 6'8 who is 29 and I am 7'7 at 26. I grew up in Durham, England, My mother is 6 foot and my father was also. My great grandfather was 6'8.

I have always been taller then everyone since I can remember. My height really took off when I reached 11 and was touching 7 foot. By the time I was 16 I was 7'5 and stopping growing at 18 when I was 7'7.56.

I have never been self conscious about my height. I am more conscious of going bald so that should tell you. I never let my height play a negative part in my life. I always do what I want, some tall people may be restricted as they are constantly stared at or people ask the same questions over and over. This is the only bad thing about being tall - the stupid remarks and questions. Other than that, being tall is great.

As for clothes - I get most of my clothes from America as they are made bigger. Traveling can be a pain if it is not in first class. I now live back in Durham. I have been doing acting work since my basketball career finished. I spent 8 years in the USA attending High School and College. I graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2004 with a degree in History. I have played professionally in Greece, Italy, Spain. Now I am concentrating on acting and trying to move to LA soon to jump in with both feet so to speak.

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