Withnell Bay LNG Jetty
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General Information
  • The LNG jetty is a single berth loading facility for LNG tankers
  • A gangway to accommodation all tankers is located on the loading platform and is manoeuvred on board by the berthing crane
  • Six breasting dolphins with double Yokohama fenders and panels extending from LT 0.5m to LAT +7.1m comprise the berth face
  • Each dolphin is equipped with a double release hook and capstan for spring line moorings
Principal Dimensions
  • The berth pocket is dredged to 13.2m
  • The loading platform is equipment with four 16" LNG loading/vapour return arms
  • The berth can accommodate vessels from 190m to 300m LOA and in the following size range 30,000 - 150,000 DWT
Entrance and Departure
  • Approach track from Woodside Channel Buoy to Buoy No 7 Dist 6.1nm least depth 13.2m
  • The channel from No 7 to No 13 is 3.4nm long and 250m wide
  • The minimum dredged depth is 12.0m at LAT
  • The manoeuvring area is dredged to 12.15m with a turning circle 600m in diameter


Dampier, 25C,
Latest Information
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Physical Address:
MOF Road
Burrup Peninsula

PO Box 285

Quick Contact:
Phone: 61 8 9159 6555
Fax: 61 8 9159 6557
Email: info@dpa.wa.gov.au
Emergency: 0428 888 800