Professors Emeriti
S. Arntzen, MA, PhD E-J. Baek, MA, PhD
R. Chu, BA, BLS, MA M.Dolezelova, MA, PhD
V.C. Falkenheim, MA, PhD F.P. Hoff, MA, PhD (V)
A.V. Liman, MA R.J. Lynn, MA, PhD
K. Nakajima, MA, M, Phil (N) L.C.D.C. Priestley, MA, M Phil
W.A. Schlepp, B Sc, BA, PhD R. Tsukimura, MA, PhD
A.H.C. Ward, MA A.K. Warder, BA, PhD
D.B. Waterhouse, MA, LRAM J.S. Brownlee, MA, M Phil

R.I. Binnick, MA, PhD H.V. Luong, MA, PhD
R.Hayhoe, PhD V.T. Shen, PhD
A. Sakaki, MA, PhD J. Liu, MA, PhD
A. Schmid, PhD  

Associate Professors
Y. Meng, MA, PhD E. Cazdyn, MA, PhD
S. Sandahl, MA, PhD G. Sanders, PhD
T. Keirstead, MA, PhD R.W.L. Guisso, D Phil
Y-S Yoo, PhD* C. Shen
Y. Johnson, MA, PhD

Assistant Professors
K. Kawashima, MA, PhD J. Song, PhD
Y.G. Kim, MA M Ed, Ed D* C.VirĂ¡g, PhD
J. Ahn, PhD J. Poole, MA, M Phil, PhD

Senior Lecturer
I. Komuro-Lee, MA  

H.Y. Im, M Ed, MA* J. Arimori, MA

Chair of the Department

Undergraduate Coordinator: K. Kawashima, BA, MA, PhD
Graduate Coordinator (Fall Session): R.W.L. Guisso, BA, D Phil
Graduate Coordinator (Winter Session): A. Sakaki, BA, MA, PhD

EAS at UofT has two fields: EAS Classical and EAS Modern. The field for each faculty member listed here is indicated by a symbol next to the name. More information on the two divisions can be found in the upcoming Graduate Handbook.

† EAS Classical

‡ EAS Modern

* visiting


Administrative Staff
(Contact Information)

Office Staff

Office Manager and Program Administrator

Financial Officer