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Same sex couples

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Is a same sex relationship recognised by law?

  • Same sex couples cannot legally marry in Australia.
  • Same sex relationships are recognised as de facto relationships for some legalĀ purposesĀ but not all.
  • Same sex couples can own property jointly and have the same rights to property settlement as other de facto couples in Queensland.
  • Same sex couples can leave property to each other in their will and can appoint each other in a power of attorney or statutory health authority.
  • A de facto partner, including same sex couples, are considered spouses under the intestacy rules.
  • Domestic violence protection orders are available to same sex couples.
  • Same sex couples cannot legally adopt a child but can be considered as foster carers.

When is sexual activity an offence?

  • Sexual activity with an adult of the same sex is not a criminal offence.
  • In Queensland, anal sex with someone under 18 years of age is a criminal offence.
  • Sexual activity with a person under 16 years of age is a criminal offence.

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