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Tess and Jessica work together to deliver a healthy baby. Jessica refuses to fade away after the bay is born. Viki intercedes and urges Tess and Jessica to do what is right for the baby. Jessica does the noble thing and allows Tess to remain in control but warns Tess that she will be back. Antonio insists on having a paternity test conducted. David is stunned to see Margaret, who claims to have no memories of Todd or anyone else back in Llanview. David is arrested after Margaret calls the police. Spencer discovers Evangeline investigating his past. Evangeline holds her own with Spencer. Vincent informs Natalie that she is indebted to him because of what John did. A heartbroken Paige ends things with Bo in order to protect him. Matthew is upset to learn Paige moved out. John shows Michael the sketch of the young man who shot their father but both are unaware that it is a drawing of David. Todd gets an unexpected visitor. Michael and Marcie rehearse for their wedding.