Rambo will return to America!
Date : March 22, 2008     Writer : Clint Morris

A couple of months back "Rambo" producer Harvey Weinstein mentioned he'd love to do a fifth installment in which the iconic character returns home to America (the ending of the latest film seems to set that up). But when news came through last week that the fifth "Rambo" movie - seemingly on the fast track - would film in Bulgaria, most of us assumed that the plan of having Rambo on home soil had been abandoned for yet another away-from-home War tale. Seems not.

A reliable contact for Moviehole, 'KC', informed us today that the next "Rambo" film will indeed be set in America - it's just more cost-effective to do it in Bulgaria.

Says our scooper, "The street sets of Bulgaria that are getting the makeover, the same ones that were rented out and used in Van Damme’s The Shepherd, will be doubling for Rambo’s hometown, which is supposed to somewhere in Arizona."

In the past, Bulgaria has doubled as St. Petersburg, Russia (for "Hitman"), America (for "Lake Placid 2"), and Auschwitz (for "The Grey Zone"), for example. The terrain mostly plays home to a lot of those direct-to-DVD movies though - the ones featuring action lads such as Steven Seagal and Wesley Snipes.

(The picture to the right was done by ERNEST RESENDES and you can check out his website here!)

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