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The Passions Of Girls Aloud

  • Peak sponsorship opportunity on ITV2
  • 4 x 60-minute shows
  • 80" accreditation per show
  • Currently scheduled for Q1 2008
Did you know that Sarah is a keen horse rider and has always wanted to play polo? That Cheryl is desperate to be a street dancer and Kimberley secretly longs to star in a musical? And what about young Nicola, who’s enchanted by the world of fashion? The Passions Of Girls Aloud follows each member of the band to some of the most glamorous locations in the world as they go it alone in pursuit of their ultimate passions.

The Passions Of Girls Aloud is a fresh new look at the girls we know and love, and promises to be a highly entertaining ride as it follows them through the high-octane challenges they’ve each set themselves. How will they cope with the new pressures and still manage to maintain their glamorous everyday lives? Each of the girls will find themselves pushed way out of their comfort zone and plunged straight into the deep end as they attempt to realise their dreams at the highest level.

This package Includes:
  • Broadcast sponsorship on ITV2
  • Mobile interactive bumpers
  • ITV marketing support (if available)
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