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01. Chain Gang
02. Warm Welcome
03. No Mercy
04. Taking the Rap
05. Weekend in Skeggy
06. Toilet Humour
07. Making a Meal of it
08. Warm Apple Pie
09. Fifi
10. Heading Home


Ten petty criminals from the UK are transported to the notorious Maricopa County jail, known as the 'Alcatraz of Arizona'. Under the rule of notoriously tough Sheriff Joe Arpaio, these British bad lads will undergo a series of terrifying and ultimately life-changing experiences as they discover the sort of existence faced by some of America’s most formidable criminals.

Living alongside proper cons in the cramped and squalid conditions, the participants will quickly find out that their reputations back home don’t count for much in an Arizona jail.

They’ll be subjected to the same hard labour endured by real-life criminals and they’ll be introduced to the ‘buddy system’, which will see them paired up with genuine inmates.

Faced with a wake-up call of this magnitude, and given the chance to see at first hand the devastation wrought upon the lives of offenders by their misdeeds, the participants will have no choice but to drastically reassess their own lives.
01. Chain Gang02. Warm Welcome03. No Mercy05. Weekend in Skeggy
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10. Heading Home09. Fifi08. Warm Apple Pie06. Toilet Humour04. Taking the Rap 07. Making a Meal of it