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Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs Print

The overall objective of the Ministry is to create and maintain national harmony, welfare and justice as an essential background for national unity, democracy and socio-economic development.

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs aims to become a model organisation that provides services in an efficient and effective manner to the public by evolving a culture of customer care and maintaining service excellence at all times.

The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, who is assisted by the Permanent Secretary - the Chief Executive of the Ministry. There are two Deputy Permanent Secretaries, one guiding policy on Prisons; Immigration and Citizenship; Labour and social security and national and civil registration matters. For research permit guidelines, click here (msword) or here (pdf).

Division under Ministry Management

Division of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training:

Contact person: Mr M. H. Nthaga(Director)
Mail%20AddressP/Bag 002
Telephone%20Number+267 360-9100Fax%20Number+267 395-6314
Division of Occupational Health and Safety:
Contact person: Mr T.M. Bakwena (Chief Health and Safety Officer)
Mail%20AddressP/Bag 002
Telephone%20Number+267 397-5511Fax%20Number+267 395-2427
 The Ministry is responsible for the implementation of the Anthropological Research and Cinematograph Acts.

Contact person: Mrs S.R. Mweendo (Director, Ministry Management)


P/Bag 002


+267 361-1100
ext. 1146


+267 313-584

Department of Labour and Social Security
The Department of Labour and Social Security is responsible for Labour Matters and Human Resources Development in conjunction with other government agencies. Its main task is to enforce the following Acts: Employment Act, Employment of Non-Citizens Act, Trade Disputes Act, Trade Unions and Employers Organisations Act, and Workmen's compensation Act.

 The Minimum Wages rates for 2007/2008 have been increased as follows:




 1Manufacturing, Service and Repair Trade


 2Building Construction, Exploration or Quarrying Industries


 3Hotel Catering and Entertainment Trades 


 4Garage, Motor Trade and Road Transport 


 5Wholesale Distributive Trades 


 6Retail Distributive Trades


 7Night Watchmen in the above Trades 


 8Security Guards Employed by Security Services Companies


The new rates are payable effective 1st April 2007 

Press Release 

Trade Unions and Employers Organisations Act

Contact person:S.V. Seemule - Email: Enquiries:

Employment Act, Trade Disputes Act

Contact person:S.V. Seemule - Email:


Employment of Non-Citizens Act

Contact person: F. Lekoko - Email:


Workers Compensation Act

Contact Person: Sylvester Komoki - Email:

Labour Laws in Botswana

Head of Department : Mr. C.A. Mojafi (Commissioner)

Mail Address

Telephone Number

+267 361-1500
ext. 1502

Fax Number

+267 352-427


The Industrial Court of Botswana
The Industrial court of Botswana was established on 1st April 1994. for the purpose of settling trade disputes and to further secure and maintain good industrial relations in Botswana. The Industrial court is a specialised court with the same status as the High Court of Botswana. Trade Disputes Act gives the court jurisdiction to determine any individual or collective labour dispute. All labour disputes involving the termination of employment agreements must first be referred to the Commissioner of Labour's office and if he is unable to settle them, he must then issue a certificate which entitles either party to refer the dispute to Court.

Special circumstances may allow a party to refer his/her matter directly to the Industrial Court for determination by way of urgent application. After determining a trade dispute, the Court may order reinstatement of the employee, with or without compensation or order compensation in lieu of reinstatement. Any awards made by the Industrial Court shall be enforceable by way of a writ of execution issued by the Registrar and handed to the Deputy Sheriff for execution.


Contact person: Mrs T. Marumo (Registrar)

Mail Address

P/Bag BR267

Telephone Number

+267 3900-565

Fax Number

+267 3900-567


Department of Immigration and Citizenship
The role of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is to protect society against the entrance, residence and movement in and out of the country of people with undesirable behaviour, while at the same time ensuring the smooth passage of genuine travellers. It also offers Immigration related services to the public e.g. Passports, Residence Permits, Visas, Visitor's Permits, Citizenship Certificates, and Exemption Certificates.

The Department has seven divisions at Headquarters which are as follows:-

  • Migration and Visa Division
  • Investigations and Repatriation Division
  • Passport Division
  • Citizenship Division
  • Departmental Management Division
  • Planning and Research Division

The Department has decentralised its activities to eight (8) regions namely:-

    • South Central Region with its administration centre in Gaborone.
    • Southern Region with its administration centre in Lobatse.
    • Gantsi/Kgalagadi Region with its administration centre in Tsabong.
    • Chobe Region with its administration centre in Kasane.
    • Ngami Region with its administration centre in Maun.
    • Serowe Region with its administration centre in Serowe.
    • Selibe lPhikwe Region with its administration centre in Selibe Phikwe.
    • Northern Region with its adminstration centre in Francistown

The Department has twenty-six border posts, twenty-five district offices and five airports. Under each region there are a number of district officers where the processing of applications for passports, residence permits etc take place.

Four Regional Immigrants Selection Boards were established to consider applications for both residence and work permits. These are:-

    • Gaborone
    • Lobatse
    • Francistown
    • Selibe Phikwe

There is also the National Immigrants Selection Board located in Gaborone which consider appeals arising from the decisions of the Regional Boards.

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the National Immigrants Selection Board may lodge an appeal with the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs.

Table of Fees for services provided

1.Application for residence PermitP80.00P500.00
2.Application for Renewal of residence permitP50.00P250.00
3.Appeal to the national Immigrants selection boardP30.00P200.00
4.Application for a certificate of permanent residenceP100.00P500.00
5.Appeal to the ministerP60.00P200.00
6.A copy of lost/destroyed Immigration documentsP1.00P20.00
7.Application for visaP25.00P500.00
8.Application for authority of the chief immigration officer for a visitor to remain in Botswana for more than 90 days if the application is made before the expiry of 90 days P25.00
9.Application for authority of the chief immigration officer for a visitor to remain in Botswana for more than 90 days if the application is made after the expiry of 90 days P100.00
10.Inclusion of spouse and children in a residence permit P25.00 per person
11.Changing conditions of a residence permit P150.00
















Contact person

Mr M. Gaealafswe 
(Chief Immigration Officer)


Mail Address

P. O. Box 942

Telephone Number


Fax Number


Department of Civil and National Registration

The Department of Civil and National Registration was established in 1987. through an Act of Parliament CAP 01:02. It started being a division under the Department of Culture and Social Welfare Matters. It was later transferred to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Though this division is under the Department of Immigration, it reports directly to the Deputy Permanent Secretary because of the exergencies of its functions.

The main function of this Department is to document all Botswana citizens aged 16 years and above with National Identity Cards. The main responsibility of the department is to administer the National Registration Act to see that it is followed by all concerned.  

The main objective of the Division is to provide an efficient and effective registration machinery capable of producing reliable and timely vital statistics data for administrative, legal and socio-economic planning and enhancing freedom of association and harmonious relations among registered organisations.

The following are the functions and responsibilities of this Division:

    • Registration of Births and Deaths
    • Registration of Societies
    • Trade Unions and Employer's Organisations
    • Registration of Marriages
    • Administration of Change of Name Act

Contact person: Mrs T. Ndzinge (Director)

Mail Address

P/Bag 0078

Telephone Number

+267 361-1400
ext. 1414

Fax Number

+267 581-615




Botswana Prisons and Rehabilitation

Mission Statement

The The Botswana Prisons Service exists to protect the society by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law abiding citizens through empowerment of staff and abiding by the disciplinary code of conduct. We will exercise reasonable, safe, secure and humane control of offenders in order to achieve National Security , Peace, Tranquillity and Economic Growth.


The objectives of the Service are

    • to provide safe custodial care to prisoners;
    • to provide effective rehabilitation programmes to prisoners ;
    • to provide efficient administration of prisons and resources ;

Goals of the Service

Care In line with Vision 2016, the Service seeks to give humane care to prisoners in furtherance of the ideal of a compassionate and caring nation. Custody The Service provides custody to offenders committed for detention in prison in line with its obligation of safety and protection of the society.

Training of Prisoners

Prisoners are offered training in various trade skills to make them competitive in the labour market after release from prison in an effort to reduce the incidence of crime.


Rehabilitation of prisoners involves helping them to identify their weaknesses, which led them to prison to be able to avoid them in future and also learn to build on their strong points in order to face life with confidence and positive determination after release from prison.

Contact person: H.R Kau (Commissioner)

Mail Address

P/Bag X02
Gaborone, Botswana

Telephone Number

+267 361-1700

Fax Number

+267 3975-398

 Department of Women's Affairs
The department of Women's Affairs promotes the enhancement of the status of women within
Botswana society, geared toward their improvement and full integration in the national development process. The work of the department also entails guaranteeing the welfare and reasonable representation of Batswana women in the education, socio-economic, cultural, legislative and legal systems. The objectives of the department of Women's Affairs are inter alia, to:

    • Enhance the status and role of women in decision-making and leadership at all levels;
    • Promote access to and control of factors of production and to remove all forms of legal and socio-cultural constraints to women's participation across all sectors of development
    • Promote health, especially reproductive health and rights, including family planning;
    • Enhance the education and skills training of women and girls;
    • Eliminate the growing poverty among women particularly female headed households; and
    • Create awareness of gender issues at all levels.

Contact person: Mrs. M.I. Legwaila (Director)

Mail Address

P/Bag 00107


Telephone Number

+267 3912-290

Fax Number

+267 3911-944

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