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27 March 2008
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23/03/2008 00:01

Palermo Blast Guidolin Comments

Palermo have reacted furiously to Francesco Guidolin’s comments after the 3-2 defeat to Genoa on Saturday afternoon.

Guidolin was full of praise for his players but his comments regarding the club were not taken lightly in the board room and now the club has reacted angrily and they have hinted that Guidolin may already be shown the door.

The coach had said, “It’s like playing in hell here,” after the game and Palermo are furious with his words.

A statement on the club’s website reads: “U.S. Citta di Palermo would like to de-associate itself with the comments of the coach which described the climate here as ‘Infernal’,”

“The club condemns the gravity of the comments and it’s not fair on the fans who are involved with this club.

“The comments aimed at the club will no doubt damage the image of the Palermo fans. The club will work hard to protect its image and it’s honourable status."

"At the end of the game the club confirmed its trust in Guidolin however in light of the gravity of the comments, the club reserves every right to amend decisions regarding its coaching staff.”

It seems as if Guidolin is in hot water and he may be out of a job sooner rather than later given the club’s anger with the coach. Guidolin has always had a turbulent relationship with president Maurizio Zamparini and this could be the final straw in the problems between the two.

Salvatore Landolina

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  • 12.59 23 Mar 08 Carington UK Dinozoff maybe if Guidolin wasnt so incompetent zamparini wouldnt have to shoot his mouth off, I admit sometimes he doesnt help the situation but guidolins tactics are shocking, I cant comprehend them. He plays everyone out of position and leaves the best players on the bench. SACK HIM!
  • 07.33 23 Mar 08 dinozoff toronto, canada If Zamparini can shut his mouth for 24 hours maybe a coach could do his job in Palermo. Zamparini has done more damage to his club since being in Serie A than any player or coach.
  • 01.42 23 Mar 08 sad sad Italia Guidolin has no idea, against inter away he played zaccardo at central defence he is a rb .. he played biava left back ... he is a cb .. he played rinaudo left wing ............... he isa cb ... he never sellls the useless players, he plays old men like tedesco insted of young talented players like jankovic, he uses 1 striker all the time when palermo have amauri, cavani and miccoli ... someone sack guidolin fast before its to late, palermo are only 9 points off of relegation.
  • 00.17 23 Mar 08 Rosanero Palermo I give him 24 hours before he's shown the door. I'm glad he's making it easier for Zamparini to kick him out. We'll get relegated with him on charge. We are the worst team in Serie A right now. We belong in Serie C at best.
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