Idea and vision

In Westside, Migros Aare will be boosting the quality of life of its customers. Westside unites shopping, leisure and experience to a degree hitherto unknown in Switzerland.

Migros: the company behind it

Over the next few years, a total of around 1.2 billion francs will be invested in the Bern-Brünnen region. Accounting for 500 million of this total, the Westside leisure and shopping centre is the largest single project in the entire complex and the biggest private construction project ever finalized in Switzerland. The company behind Westside is Neue Brünnen AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Migros Aare cooperative. Through its investment, Migros will create some 800 new jobs in the Brünnen region.

Architect Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind (born in 1946 in LódŸ, Poland) is one of the best-known architects of the modern era. His architecture assumes a narrative style of its own, making references to themes of historical, philosophical or religious significance. His work includes the Imperial War Museum in the Manchester docklands area and the Jewish Museum in Berlin. In 2003, Libeskind was chosen to rebuild the World Trade Center in New York. His design for the Westside leisure and shopping centre will give Bern a genuinely world-class architectural landmark.

Getting there

Westside is located in the heart of Switzerland at one of Europe's traffic nodes. The centre can be reached by three different means of public transport: the local S-Bahn urban railway system, which now stops at Brünnen; BernMobil buses and trams; and the post buses. The Bern-Brünnen motorway exit gives motorists direct access without placing the burden of transit traffic on neighbouring residential areas. Measures taken to restrict or reduce traffic give the well-developed pedestrian and cycle network receives an additional boost.


The idea of extending the Brünnen area of the city of Bern was first developed back in the late 1960s, but the project was brought to an abrupt halt by the oil crisis of the early 70s. It was not until 1995 that plans were resumed and in 1999 the Bernese electorate gave the go-ahead for major complex built around a shopping and leisure centre. In the year 2000, a jury of assessors selected a design submitted by architect Daniel Liebeskind, and on 28 April 2006, the cornerstone was laid for Westside.



This is where you can find simulations of the complex's architecture together with a photograph of the architect's model. To open the gallery, click on the image.

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Facts and figures

Over a million people can reach Westside in less than 45 minutes. Around 3.5 million visitors are expected each year, about half of them from the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

In Westside

Shopping23500 sq.m
Gastronomy and food court3000 sq.m
Adventure and relaxation pool complex, fitness centre and spa10000 sq.m
Mall9000 sq.m
Multiplex cinema11 studios
Hotel144 double rooms
Residence for the elderly SeneCasita95 apartments, 20 nursing rooms
Parking1275 parking spaces
Filling station with shop24/7
Children's play centre300 sq.m

In the vicinity:

Residential space for 2700 people


Brünnen planning portal:
link  www.bruennen.ch

Westside's majority shareholder:
Migros Aare coooperative

Daniel Libeskind

Planning and project management:
link  Daniel Libeskind
link  Burckardt + Partner

All companies involved in Westside:
link  www.tu-westside.ch

Other planners and protagonists in the Brünnen project:
link  City of Bern
link  Brünnen North Infrastructure Cooperative
link  Canton of Bern
link  BLS
link  BernMobil

Communication and web design:
link  Neue LGK Kommunikations AG
link  Netvertising AG
link  Unic AG