KOXM Episode 107

Bethesda head honcho Todd Howard returns to the show to share the latest on Fallout 3 — not to mention the fallout of our Fallout 3 cover story among the hardcore fanbase. Plus, who is the worst actor in the upcoming Street Fighter movie? We get cattier than Siskel & Ebert ever could. All this and we’re giving away free games too!

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4 Responses to “KOXM Episode 107”

  1. Vengeance Says:

    [First] Great podcast guys, I always enjoy it when Tod Howard is on. Just wondering if you’ll have Cliffy B on for a GOW2 interview?

  2. geekychessguy Says:

    OMG! I am Legend SPOILED… Thanks Ryan

  3. plincoln21 Says:

    just found this podcast today while looking for fallout 3 news. i like it. keep it up

  4. TeLeKiNeSiS Says:

    I AM LEGEND spoiled for me THREE!

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