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Swinton South ward profile


The following profile covers the Swinton South ward (which is outlined in the map below). The profile provides a general overview of the major issues within Swinton South. The profile is based upon the latest statistical information available to the council. Information has come from a range of sources including the 2001 census and the 2004 Index of Multiple Deprivation. The profile also compares the situation in Swinton South in relation to the rest of the city. All averages mentioned are the city average unless otherwise stated.

Deprivation in Swinton South

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Local amenities

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Key statistics

Population 10,993
Area (hectare) 281.06 ha
Urban population density 39.1 per hectare
City rank 8th
  • Has a lower than average proportion of primary school aged children
  • Student population is below average at around 440
  • The % of pensioner population is higher than average
  • Population loss of nearly 200 from 1991 to 2001
  • Over 95% of the population classify themselves as White British.

Improving health

  • Two thirds of people say they are in good health
  • Those providing unpaid care tend to work fewer hours than across Salford as a whole.

Reducing crime

  • Total crime rates were falling but have now risen above the average
  • The rate of burglaries has come down, whereas vehicle thefts have risen.

Encouraging learning, leisure and creativity

  • Around one third of adults had no formal qualifications at the time of the last census
  • Below average GCSE attainment in 2005
  • Above Average Key Stage 2 results
  • Pupils at St Ambrose High School tended to stay on in education after leaving school last year.

Investing in young people in Salford

  • Concentrations of child poverty exist in the centre of the ward.

Promoting inclusion

  • Ranks 12th most deprived ward in Salford
  • Over 14% of the population are estimated as living in the 7% most deprived wards in the country (1,624 people). Furthermore, 71% of the population are in the 30% most deprived areas in England
  • The proportion of lone parents is below average.

Creating prosperity in Salford

  • Lower than average unemployment though unemployment has risen in the last year
  • Proportionately more people of working age are employed full time than average
  • The proportion of professionals is below average while the proportion in skilled trades is above average.

Enhancing life in Salford

  • Over half of households live in semi detached houses, mostly as owner-occupiers.  Few people live in flats
  • House prices in the area have risen sharply, almost doubling since 2002, when the average price was £69,000 compared to £113,000 now
  • Average incomes have also risen, and although the ‘income to house price ratio’ has risen, making it less affordable for residents to buy locally, it is still more affordable compared to the city as a whole
  • Car ownership is above average with just under one third of households not having a car
  • There were 116 collisions in the last three years, of which 10 had very serious consequences. The two main clusters of accidents are around the A580/A572 junction and along Chorley Road adjacent to Swinton shopping precinct.

Further Information

For further information about the Swinton South ward profile please contact:

Alan Tomlinson
Policy and Improvement Team
Chief Executive's Directorate
0161 793 2560

This page was last updated on 13 November 2007

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