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News Release

National Railroad Passenger Corporation
60 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002

Contact: Media Relations (202) 906-3860

November 11, 2005
Amtrak Board Releases Gunn

Railroad Begins Search for Experienced Reform Leader; David Hughes will run Amtrak until Successor is found

WASHINGTON - Amtrak's Board of Directors today released its President, David Gunn, saying that the passenger rail service needed to intensify the pace and broaden the scope of its reforms. Amtrak said that David Hughes, Chief Engineer, has been named Acting President and CEO, and that its Board of Directors has launched a national search to find the railroad's next leader.

Announcing the Board's decision, Amtrak Chairman David M. Laney said: "David Gunn has helped Amtrak make important operational improvements over the past three years. Amtrak's future now requires a different type of leader who will aggressively tackle the company's financial, management and operational challenges. The need to bring fundamental change to Amtrak is greater and more urgent than ever before. The Board approved a strategic plan in April that provides a blueprint for a stronger and more sustainable Amtrak. Now we need a leader with vision and experience to get the job done."

Gunn came out of retirement in May 2002 to lead Amtrak after a career that included running transit systems in New York and Washington, D.C.

The strategic plan produced by Amtrak's Board and management calls for fundamental change with the goal of delivering better service for passengers and an improving financial performance. The plan calls for competition in U.S. rail passenger service, shared federal-state financial responsibility for passenger rail, as is the case with highways and aviation, and predictable multi-year federal funding.

A report released last week by the Government Accountability Office credited Amtrak's management with some positive changes in recent years, but also was uncharacteristically blunt in concluding that more far-reaching changes were needed along the lines of those proposed by Amtrak's Board.

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