Local authority strategic housing role

Local authorities are taking an increasingly strategic role on housing. This role starts from their unique ability to identify local needs and priorities, in the knowledge that the quantity, quality and type of housing are essential to the health and wealth of an area.

Local authorities can take an overview across all tenures using their planning powers as well as housing policy to deliver national, regional, local and community priorities. and they are in the right place to work with others including housing associations, regional housing and planning bodies, the private sector and residents to deliver successful communities.

As the community leaders, local authorities are best placed to develop and drive forward housing strategies for their areas, co-ordinating the involvement of stakeholders and partners in the strategic process.

Each strategy should be an over-arching document that reviews housing-related  issues in a local authority's area, sets out its housing objectives, establishes priorities for action informed by an analysis of need and consultation with key stakeholders, and provides a clear Action Plan focussing on key priorities.

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