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Hulk Hogan Calls In To The "Bubba the Love Sponge" Radio Show To Talk About Return To WCW

Pro Wrestling Torch #588 - February 12, 2000 (WCW Newswire)

Hulk Hogan returned to WCW on Thunder last week, but the show drew only a 2.3 rating, below the recent average. His appearance was plugged on Nitro two nights earlier. His failure to pop a rating damages his leverage with WCW management as he continues to negotiate a storyline and a money-deal that both sides are comfortable with.

Hulk Hogan bad-mouthed WCW during interviews on the "Bubba the Love Sponge" radio show based in Tampa, Fla. Last Tuesday morning, Hogan, who frequently calls the show, confirmed to Bubba that he was flying out for the WCW Thunder tapings later that night. Hogan said WCW called him over the weekend saying they were in trouble and needed him to come back and save their company. Bubba said he guaranteed ratings would go up because Hogan would there. Hogan and Bubba talked about what happened on Raw with Chris Benoit and company. Hogan said he was happy for those wrestlers and hoped everything worked out. Bubba told Hogan if he started his own wrestling group, it would put WCW out of business.

This week, Hogan was less positive toward WCW. He told Bubba the Radicals were a bunch of marks for leaving WCW to accept lower pay with the WWF. He also said that he, Lex Luger, Ed Ferrara, and Kevin Sullivan discussed several possible endings for the Hogan vs. Luger SuperBrawl match. Luger was not happy with the endings proposed to him and nixed a lot of the ideas. Also, Liz was supposed to take a bigger bump than she did, but rejected the idea because she wasn't wearing any panties.

Then Tuesday morning, Hogan went on the show and said WCW was making a mistake pushing small, no-names such as Kidman who couldn't headline a flea market indy wrestling show. WCW wrestlers were stunned when they heard about Hogan's comments and questioned why he would take shots at someone "on the same team."

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