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CC News

CC Press Kit Relaunched

Alex Roberts, March 27th, 2008

We are pleased to announce a brand new Press Kit page. Based on user requests and feedback, we have completely redesigned it to make it easier for you to find and use specific CC graphics.

As before, all graphics are available in various formats for any purpose, including large format transparent PNGs — which work well in presentations. The page also features direct links to vector versions of our icons and license buttons, and are recommended for use in videos and printed works.

Please read our policies page for information on how our logos may be used, and see our marking project for examples and best practices on marking your work.

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8.5 GB of CC-Licensed Samples for the OLPC

Cameron Parkins, March 27th, 2008

Great news from the OLPC project - 8.5 GB worth of sound library samples have been donated to the project by the Berklee College of Music, Berklee Music Synthesis alumni (including electronic musician BT and the international Csound Developer community), M-Audio, Digidesign, and the Open Path Music group! The samples are being released under a CC BY license and while they are intended for (and facilitated by) the OLPC project, they are available publicly, making this a a huge contribution not only to the OLPC but also to those looking for free, high quality, samples in general.

You can check out all the samples on the OLPC wiki as well as see a breakdown of the OLPC’s music making capabilities over at Create Digital Music. The OLPC is paving a new road for contemporary music education with this announcement and it will be absolutely fascinating to see how these samples are put to use by their intended practitioners. From OLPC:

“One Laptop per Child has inspired musicians to donate their sound collections to the children of the world,” said Dr. Richard Boulanger, professor of music synthesis at the Berklee College of Music and the organizer of the Berklee collection being donated to OLPC. “By providing extraordinary access to the resources to play, mix, transform, imitate and create sounds, sound effects, music and audio art works, this donation will enable children with XO laptops to learn about music and sound, and to learn about themselves and their world. This collection will inspire and promote incredible music-making on the XO laptop and will invigorate the creative audio work of all computer musicians.”

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OpenSocial creates foundation; continues to license specifications under CC-BY

Timothy Vollmer, March 26th, 2008

Yesterday Google, MySpace, and newest partner Yahoo! announced the formation of the OpenSocial Foundation, a non-profit organization that works “to ensure the neutrality and longevity of OpenSocial as an open, community-governed specification for building social applications across the web.” From the press release:

The foundation will provide transparency and operational guidelines around technology, documentation, intellectual property, and other issues related to the evolution of the OpenSocial platform, while also ensuring all stakeholders share influence over its future direction.

OpenSocial continues to release all specifications under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

OpenSocial defines a common API (application programming interface) for social applications across multiple websites. OpenSocial helps developers avoid reinventing the wheel by “providing common ‘plumbing’ that lets social applications run on many different websites without requiring duplicate work from either developers or the websites.”

Read the OpenSocial Foundation press release here.

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“Wikipedia Takes Manhattan” Free Culture NYC meet-up

Timothy Vollmer, March 26th, 2008

NYC affiliates, check out this awesome free culture photography scavenger hunt being put on by Free Culture @ NYU and Free Culture @ Columbia.

Each member of the winning team will receive an iPod shuffle loaded with Creative Commons music! Second and third place teams will win copies of “Wikipedia, The Missing Manual” donated by O’Reilly.

All photos will be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons for inclusion into Wikipedia articles about NYC that need photos. We’ve got hundreds of locations, sites, and things to document for Wikipedia and it should be a really fun day.

The event will be held Friday, March 28 (April 4 is rain date). See the announcement here.

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Columbia Music Entertainment & Good Crew Offer CC-Licensed Vocal Tracks

Cameron Parkins, March 25th, 2008

Good Crew, a pop-rock band from Japan, have released the vocal tracks for all the songs from their new album, Nippon Husky, under a CC BY-NC-SA license. While this in itself is great news (we always love to hear about people using licenses!) this is especially noteworthy in that Good Crew are signed to Columbia Music Entertainment in Japan (and got said recording contract through user voting), making this the first major label release in Japan to use CC licenses.

good crew graphic

Good Crew will be holding a remix contest using the tracks from now until May 10th (get the tracks here), with Good Crew choosing their two favorite remixes for prize winnings. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Sanyo Xacti with the second place winner (and the Special Humor Award) recieving a $100 Amazon Gift card. From ejovi:

OtoRevo has created a lot of first. OtoRevo and Columbia Music Entertainment were the first label to sign a major artist (Good Crew) exclusively from user voting. Now we have done another first, we are the first major label to release tracks from a major release under Creative Commons.

You can download the mp3 vocal tracks from Good Crew’s album on the OtoRevo website.

We are releasing the vocal tracks for anyone to remix and mashup. The most interesting remixer will win a Xacti camera. Unfortunately the page is in Japanese, but downloading and listening to the tracks is pretty simple. I love Kuroki-san’s voice (lead singer). The name of the album is Nippon Ha:Ski. When you hear her voice you will know why.

Even if you don’t want to remix, download and listen to the tracks. Of course if you like it, you might like the album!

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Jurisdiction News


Divendres 28 de març a les 7 del vespre, en el Centre d'Art Santa Mònica de Barcelona, es farà la presentació de dos llibres en el marc del projecte "Centre d'art produeix música pop". L'Oscar Abril Ascaso presentarà l'acte on particparan el periodista Luis Hidalgo, el gestor cultural i en ...
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Pod tem naslovom bo skupnost Creative Commons Slovenija jeseni izvedla poljubno število razpršenih, vsebinsko zaokroženih dogodkov, ki jih bomo nato poimenovali Festival ustvarjalnosti in svobodne kulture 2008 in zapakirali v filmski obzornik. Izhodišča in okvirni nastavek je pripravila ekipa n
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2008年3月24日,美国旧金山 2008年3月24日,知识共享组织(CC)推出了CC文档计划(the Creative Commons Documentation project),目的在于解释CC许可协议的不同方面,其新方案包括可以链接和以PDF格式下载关于CC的规范、建议、研究和指
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Polecamy niedawno uruchomiony serwis o nazwie Planet Creative Commons, będący agregatorem blogów i serwisów związanych z Creative Commons. Kilka miesięcy temu na głównej stronie Creative Commons pojawiły się nagłówki wpisów z  poszczególnych jurysdykcji, w których działamy. Planeta
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Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur som ansvarar för den svenska toppdomän ger även ut en skriftserie. De har nu även börjat släppa texterna som pdf:er licensierade under olika Creative Commons licenser. Introduktion till IP (Internet Protocol) av Håkan Lindberg (allt under erkännande lice
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From the CCau mailing list - Andrew Garton has announced that the Australian arm of the Association of Progressive Communication have released 10 years of essays, lectures, reports and articles dealing with information communication technologies for cultural development (ICT4CD) as part of Document
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2008 CC Korea 컨퍼런스의 자료집과 발표자료를 올립니다. 각 발표자료의 CCL 옵션을 잘 지켜주시기 바랍니다.     CC Korea 컨퍼런스 발표자료집[PDF]  (분할압축 되어있습니다)   cc컨퍼런스책자_final.part1.rar   cc컨퍼런스책자_
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