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WrestleMania Construction Under Way At Citrus Bowl

Friday, March 28, 2008 1:18:09 PM
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A tent-like structure is constructed to go over the squared circle at WrestleMania XXIV.


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ORLANDO -- The signs are up: "Orlando Welcomes Wrestlemania XXIV."

Roads have also been shut down around the Citrus Bowl as trucks and fork lifts moved in the mega equipment to transform the Citrus Bowl into a World Wrestling Entertainment palace.

The squared circle was planned to be placed smack dab in the middle of the field in the massive set under construction for one of the biggest soap operas in television entertainment.

Overhead, the word WrestleMania, superimposed over a sun and palm trees, rippled in the wind on a steel re-enforced, tent-like structure -- just in case it rained.

Below, 100 workers were pulling 16-hour days, laying plastic flooring on the natural grass field.

At the north end of the field was the crown jewel for WrestleMania: the entrance stage for the WWE Superstars.

Cranes were hoisting steel structures for lighting, gigantic TV screens, and of course, pyrotechnics, which were said to be the most spectacular part of the show, thanks to the outside venue.

Those were all the details WWE would let slip out. They wanted to deliver surprise after surprise to the tens of thousands of fans who were expected to pack the bowl Sunday, and the millions expected to watch pay per view.

This is only the second time WrestleMania would be held outside. The first time was WrestleMania IX, in Las Vegas in 1993.

Construction in Orlando started last Wednesday, and was scheduled wrap up by Saturday, the day before the big event.


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