VMware VDI: An Integrated Desktop Virtualization Solution

VMware VDI is an integrated desktop virtualization solution that delivers enterprise-class control and manageability with a familiar user experience. VMware VDI, built on VMware’s industry leading and proven virtualization platform, provides new levels of efficiency and reliability for your virtual desktop environment.

With VMware VDI, you get the proven VMware Infrastructure 3 software along with VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM), an enterprise-class desktop management server that securely connects users to virtual desktops in the data center and provides an easy to use web-based interface to manage the centralized environment. VMware VDI provides users with desktop business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities that until now were available only for mission-critical server applications.

Streamline Management, Reduce Costs & Increase Security

Organizations worldwide use VMware VDI to streamline desktop management, increase security, and reduce costs. Using VMware VDI, the time it takes to deploy a desktop is typically reduced to minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. VMware VDM is a flexible and intuitive desktop management server enabling IT administrators to quickly provision and tightly control user access. With these operational and security savings, customers realize a significant return on investment from their VMware VDI deployments.

Deliver Complete Desktop Environments for a Familiar User Experience

With VMware VDI, end users get a complete, unmodified virtual desktop that behaves just like a normal PC. There is no change to the applications or desktop environment, no application sharing and no retraining required. Administrators can allow users to install applications, customize their desktop environment and use local printers and USB devices. Users also get better support with VMware VDI because Help Desk technicians can perform tasks in the data center that would normally require an in-person visit.

Get VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Now

Evaluate VMware VDI free for 60 days or buy it online from the VMware Store. For more information or to purchase VMware products, contact VMware directly at 1-877-4VMWARE (outside of North America dial +1-650-427-5000) or contact VMware Sales. VMware also provides an established global network of best-of-breed technology and distribution partners. Search online for an authorized reseller. VMware has teamed up with leading technology vendors and service providers through the VMware VDI Alliance to offer comprehensive solutions for VMware VDI deployments.