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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
By Nathan Diebenow, Associate Editor

WASHINGTON , D.C. — They say it’s better to give than receive.

But this holiday season, the Velvet Revolution says, "Hey! Why not both?"

The Washington, D.C. non-profit is offering a half a million dollars to whistleblowers.

In exchange, VR wants information about what they describe as a very crooked, Republican operative.

His name is Michael Connell.

More specifically, VR wants the low-down about his companies: Gov Tech Solutions, New Media Communications, and Connell/Donatelli.

The first two are based in Ohio.

That last one is in Virginia.

So what’s so bad about Connell and his businesses?

Well, the guys over at VR hear that Connell and his companies involved themselves in the United States Attorney scandal.

The website domain that Connell used for George W. Bush’s presidential bids was the same that White House officials used to hide data on the U.S. attorneys that were fired.

But Connell is notorious for being a "Bush loyalist."

"We’ve found he’s really been involved in every major GOP election issue or scandal since at least 2000," said Brett Kimberlin, founder/president of VR, in an interview with the Iconoclast.

There’s illegal phone jamming in New Hampshire.

There’s Florida in 2000 when his company received the IT contract to all the state agencies including the office of then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

There’s Ohio in 2004 when his company, SmartTech, ran election results through his computers before releasing them to Ken Blackwell’s Secretary of State office.

There’s also the "Swift Boating" of Sen. John Kerry and Rep. John Murtha.

Just to name a few.

But his activity with the Bush family dates back to 1988 when he joined Bush I’s presidential campaign in Iowa to develop and maintained a voter contact database.

"We have whistleblowers who are telling us that this guy was a key player to the invisible election strategy that the GOP has been engaged in for years," noted Kimberlin. "We have evidence that this stuff was illegal. We’re going to try to get congressional hearings to get him under supeona power."

Indeed, the information VR is looking for might result in an arrest and conviction of not only Connell but also high-ranking government officials.

Including W?

"We’ve got this guy (Connell) hooked up with Karl Rove back when Bush was governor of Texas. Then this guy hooked up with Jeb Bush and created the very, very first GOP website," Kimberlin said.

Then, there’s the "scary thing."

Within a month Bush first took office, Connell’s GovTech became the first private corporation to gain access behind the firewall of all Congress’ computer servers.

This means that he and the GOP can basically spy on every single House committee without worry.

"All their emails. All their folders. Anything that has to do with their web technology, he knows what’s going on," Kimberlin said.

So who helped get Connell the contract?

Bob Ney.

This is the same Republican congressman who launched paperless electronic voting in the United States with the "Help America Vote Act."

The former representative of Ohio’s 18th congressional district has since resigned from Congress in 2006.


He pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and false claims in the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal.

So Connell’s company wasn’t nicknamed the "Bell Labs of the GOP" by its employees for nothing!

"He’s received the largest percentage of money from the RNC GOP of any company — over $20 million — since Bush took office that we know of," Kimberlin added. "We have lists of GOP websites and IT work that SmartTech handles."

Kimberlin’s whistleblowers also connected Connell’s SmartTech with the U.S. attorney scandal.

"Karl Rove used off-the-grid servers so that he wouldn’t have to comply with saving the emails. These SmartTech servers are the same servers that run the GWB43 White House email system and that ran the Ohio election results," he said.

It’s all according to the Republican’s corrupt plan to take over the U.S. government, Kimberlin explained.

The "visible strategy" included such tactics as congressional redistricting to maximize voter turnout for GOP candidates.

The "invisible strategy," though, amounted to utilizing technology systems to limit voter turnout for non-GOP candidates.

"They needed some Bush loyalist to mastermind it. That’s who Mike Connell is," he said. "Between his partner, Becky Donatelli, they handle virtually a good 95 percent of all the GOP computer work in the country. They are hardcore loyalists."

But has Connell done anything illegal?

VR thinks so.

Kimberlin noted violations to the Iconoclast.

The long and the short of it is that Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman (RNC chairman, 2005-2007) created political documents at the White House. These documents were then shared with Connell and corporations such as AT&T; to push the Bush administration’s political agenda.

"You can’t use political operatives at the White House for election issues," he added. "It’s a violation of the Hatch Act."

And there is probably more illegal activity just waiting to be uncovered, considering with whom Bush and Connell associate, says Kimberlin.

"I believe this guy (Connell) is the equivalent of the Watergate plumbers. I mean, there are so many folks in the Bush administration that are former Nixonites like Cheney and Rumsfeld," said Kimberlin, referring to the break-in of the Democratic National Committee’s offices that lead to President Nixon’s resignation.

"They have that mentality: ‘Nixon is a good guy. He got screwed over. The ends justify the means.’"

Right now, VR is sorting out the information they already have on Connell, but they are searching for more from his employees in order to "bring him to justice" through congressional hearings.

"We know we have a lot of smoke," Kimberlin said. "It’s amazing. This guy is Forrest Gump. He’s everywhere."

To send a tip, contact VR by phone.


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