Updated May.6,2005 14:48 KST

Researchers Develop New Alloy
A local research team has developed a new metal that is stronger and more elastic than existing metal materials used to protect electronic products like mobile phones.

This alloy, developed by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, may be able to further protect delicate electronic products like cell phones and lap tops from a fatal fall.

Made by equally adding tungsten and tantalum to copper, this amorphous alloy is two to three times stronger and more flexible than steel alloys.

Amorphous alloys, also known as metallic glass, are characterized by a random atomic structure that allows them to be strong yet non-brittle.

They have been touted as next-generation metal material since the 90s, and are already being used in making mobile phone cases and PDAs as well as golf heads.

The market for amorphous metals in Korea is expected to reach W1 trillion, about US$1 billion in 2010.

Researchers say they expect the new alloy, which is more than three times flexible than existing amorphous alloys, to be applied in making a wide range of products, from bullet-proof materials to sports gear.

Arirang TV