WWF Monday Night Raw Results
Calvin Martin December 27, 1999
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WWF Raw Report - December 27, 1999
Live from Greensboro, NC
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- Stephanie, Triple H, and DX made their way to the ring beginning the last
Raw of the century. Triple H got the mic and talked about the new millennium
coming and DX is running the show. HHH then said to complete his ultimate
plan, he is ordering the Big Show to defend the WWF title against him later
on in the show. Triple H said that he will be the WWF Champion entering the
new millennium. Stephanie got the mic and said that Kane, who is probably
looking for Tori, in her words, will face X-Pac later on. X-Pac was confused
and upset over that announcment, but DX calmed him down for some reason.
Triple H then began to talk about Mankind. Mick then came out to the ramp.
Mick talked to DX saying that Triple H only cares about coming the WWF
Championship, and if he ever wins the title back again, he will leave DX high
and dry. He said HHH doesn't care about DX, only the WWF title. Mick that
told Stephanie that the Godfather wants her back with the rest of the ho's!
DX then attacked Mick, but the Rock's music hit and the Rock came to the
save. The Rock and Mankind beat DX out of the ring, making Triple H get the
mic saying the World Wrestling Federation isn't big enough for Mick, Rock,
and DX so someone must leave. HHH and Stephanie then ordered Mankind and the
Rock to face each other in a "pink slip on a poll match" meaning you must get
the pink slip before your oppenent does. The looser would be fired from the
WWF. Triple H and Stephanie then had two words for one of them, "your fired"!

- Backstage, Kane was seen waiting for the arival of Tori. Chyna came to the
ring and called out Crash Holly. The match began while Hardcore joined the
announce team. During the contest, JR announced that Tori has just arrived to
the arena. In the end, Chyna defeated Crash. Hardcore laughed at his loss.
Backstage, Toir was huging Kane and told him that her weekend with X-Pac was
great! She said she could have left anytime, but she stayed to honnor Kane's
word! Kane was confused about this.

- Backstage, while Tori was getting coffee, she talked to some guy saying
X-Pac was great. Test came to the table, but Tori was scared of him for some
reason. Test was confused of why she ran off. Back in the ring, the Posse was
introduced as special time keepers, special referee, and announcer. Rodney
introduced the tag teams in the upcoming match making jokes about all four
teams, except the Acolytes when seemily kissing up to them. The Godfather &
D'Lo Brown, Edge & Christian, the Dudley Boyz, and the Acolytes all fought in
a four corners tag team war. During the match, the Posse attacked Bradshaw
while the Dudley's covered Faarooq. Joey Abs, the special referee, did a fast
three count giving the Dudley's a victory. Bradshaw and Faarooq then
destroyed the Posse after the match. Backstage, Tori was frightened of Test
telling Kane that he "violated her"!

- Triple H and Stephanie were talking about their plans for the night
including the announcment that Kurt Angle will face the Headbangers in a
handicap match! Stephanie didn't like it, but HHH wanted the winning streak
to end. Kane and Tori bashed into their locker room where Kane said he wants
Test in a match later! Tori told them to change the X-Pac vs. Kane match and
put Kane with Test! Kane got the match. Kurt Angle then fought the
Headbangers. During the match, Steve Blackman came down and hit Mosh over the
head with a stick, allowing Angle the win. Backstage, HHH was mad and thought
Stephanie talked to Blackman to not interfear in the matches anymore.

- Backstage, Mankind told everyone that he hopes that the fans can forgive
him if he does something in the ring against the Rock, because his carrer and
job is on the line. During Al Snow's entrance, the dark breathing orange
symbol and sound appeared on the titan tron. Al Snow told everyone that he is
not here for everyone's entertainment, and he wants to say that he "hate's
each and everyone of the fans"! Unable to continue to talk, Chris Jericho
came to the ring, did his intro, and then defended the Intercontinental
Championship against Al Snow. During the match, Chyna came down and hit Al
Snow, causing a DQ against Jericho, and allowing Al Snow a win. Jericho
retained his title, but still was confused of why Chyna has been doing this.

- Backstage, Mark Henry talked to Harvey Wiplemen asking him to go on a
double date when he goes out with Mea Young, and Wiplemen goes with Moolah.
He refused to do it, but Moolah tourchered him into it. In the ring, Mankind
fought the Rock in the "pink slip on a poll match". During the contest while
the Rock climbed up to the slip, Al Snow came in a hit the Rock! Snow then
allowed Mankind to go up the poll, but he didn't want to win it that way
attacking Snow! The Rock got up and rock bottomed Mankind to the mat! Later
in the match while the Rock and Mankind were on the top of the poll, the Rock
was able to knock off Mick and get the pink slip! Mankind is fired. Mick got
the mic and talked about his carrer, and how he must leave now. Mick left
with a standing ovation. (In the upcoming weeks, stay tuned for more of Mick!)

- Backstage, Mick said "goodbye" to several superstars. In a mixed 3 corner
tag team match, Prince Albert & Ivory, the Kat & Val Venis, Vicera &
Jackqueline fought. In the end, Ivory and Prince Albert got the win. At a
local resturant, Henry read Mea Young a nice poem. Then Harvey read Moolah a
poem that had mean comments in it, all though it was funny.

- In the production truck, Mick Foley thanked all the crew workers for doing
a great job adding the magic to the show. X-Pac fought Jeff Hardy in the next
match while Matt watched on with his injuried eye. During the match, X-Pac
was checking out Terri, but got attacked by Jeff. In the end, X-Pac got the
X-Factor on Jeff giving him the win. At the resturant, some guy asked Henry
for his autograph. Henry gave him the autograph, then the guy asked him why
he is such a "looser"! Moolah and Mea were mad about this so they attacked
the guy!

- Kane and Tori came to the ring. Test then came down and told Kane that he
never touched his women, and he doesn't want her, and he has enough women
problems of his own, but if Kane wants to fight him over nothing, he will not
back down. The match started. Later, Kane knocked out the ref and tombstoned
Test. Tori added torcher by slapping Test in the end. Backstage, Mick
continued to say goodbye to his freinds. Triple H, Stephanie, and DX wondered
why Mankind was still in the arena, and went out to get Mick out of the arena.

- The Outlaws and X-Pac came to the ring. Then Too Cool and Rakishi came
down. The Outlaws then defended the titles against Too Cool. During the
match, X-Pac came in and attacked "Grandmaster Sexy" allowing the the Outlaws
to win. DX then tried to destroy Too Cool, but they didn't get it. In the
end, the Outlaws retain their titles, but the fans enjoyed Too Cool's dancin'
the ring! Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie ordered Mick to get out of the
arena now! Police accompained Mick out of the arena.

- At some hotel, Mark Henry and Mea were in the bed after some "enjoyment".
Moolah, in the next bed, said what ever happened to "old fashion sex"! Harvey
Wiplemen was in the bed with her all sweating! It was funny. Back in the
arena, Triple H fought the Big Show for the World Wrestling Federation
championship. Before the contest, HHH told the Big Show that this match is
now no DQ! Triple H also told DX to stay up on the ramp because he wants no
During the match, the referee was knocked out allowing DX to interfear and
attack the Big Show. Triple H covered the Big Show, but it wasn't a three
count. The Big Show then fought off DX and slammed HHH and covered, but DX
got back up and teamed up on the Big Show. HHH got a chair and nailed the Big
Show and was about to pedigree the Big Show, but Mankind came down and
striked Triple H in the back with a chair allowing the Big Show to chokeslam
Triple H and retain the WWF title. Triple H was mad!!

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