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Many sites like this blacksmith shop date back to the 1600s.

Somerset County’s exceptional history begins in the 1600s with its original inhabitants, the Lenape Indians, and continues through the present day.

During the American Revolution, General George Washington and his troops spent more time in New Jersey than in any other colony. Here in Somerset County you can visit two headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief as well as the homes of four of his generals. These sites have been preserved and are open to the public.

In 1921, President Warren G. Harding, visiting the estate of his friend, Sen. Joseph S. Frelinghuysen, in Raritan, finished his golf game, returned to the mansion, and signed the Knox-Porter Resolution, officially ending World War I.

www.tourofsomerville.org to find out how Fred “Pop” Kugler’s international “Tour of Somerville” bicycle race was born in May 1940.

Congressional Medal of Honor winner John Basilone, Raritan’s hometown hero, “fought valiantly to check the savage and determined assault” of the enemy on Guadalcanal in October 1942. Visit the Raritan Public Library, in the Frelinghuysen House, to find out more.

Explore our website to discover these and many more historic sites in Somerset County.
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