Tayside Police


The Tactical Firearms Unit provides Tayside Police with the resources and capabilities to resolve incidents where intervention may be required by Officers trained in the use of firearms. It also provides an 'Advanced Method of Entry' capability, using qualified Officers to perform rapid entry to premises to assist in Firearms and Search operations. This department consists of a dedicated group of officers who are highly motivated and trained to deal with most aspects of the criminal use of firearms, VIP protection and dangerous animals.

All Authorised Firearms Officers who undertake such duties require comprehensive training on the Police use of Firearms, handling of a variety of weapons and the tactics involved. They are all volunteers and are based throughout the Force in a variety of roles.

An Authorised Firearms Officer's performance is continually assessed by nationally qualified instructors to ensure that the high standard required is maintained. This is achieved by a variety of means including state of the art judgmental laser fire systems, live firing and role-play tactical scenarios.

To become an Authorised Firearms Officer a Constable must successfully complete a two-year probationary period and then complete a further year of core policing within the force. Officers who then meet the criteria may apply to become an Authorised Firearms Officer.

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