Gracenote and Software

Gracenote in Software Products

By including Gracenote® technology in the most popular digital entertainment software products, users can manage large collections of media and discover new favorites with those products.

Identify and organize all of your digital media with Gracenote when you use iTunes®. Synchronize all of your devices that use iTunes, create playlists, and discover new favorites.

More Software Products Powered by Gracenote

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The Yahoo! Music Engine and Gracenote software provide accurate information about users' digital media and transforms managing a music collection into a superlative experience.

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Discover new music as you share and trade from your collection. Lala uses information that members furnish about music that they have in their libraries and music that they want to add.

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Gracenote works together with the Winamp player, so no matter how you customize the player you can be assured the artist, album, and track data are letter perfect.