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    The planet is full of human predators whose most vulnerable prey are children. It is the responsibility of government, which is meant to represent society to protect this defenseless class, and when government fails to do so, then the responsibility falls to that society.

    We—you and I—are that society. And now is the time.

    Our mission begins with the children of Thailand, who suffer a government that profits from their sexual exploitation. Our mission will end long after you and I are gone, after our children and their children have taken up the fight.

    Our strategy in Thailand is two-fold: We tell the government--in the only language they understand--that we will not tolerate the prostitution of children; and we support financially those warriors within Thailand who are rescuing children, who are creating opportunity where there was only suffering.

    Sure, the planet is full of predators, and it’s full of disaffected “sideliners” who moan that they “can’t change the world.” But it’s also full of heroes. Only you can decide which title you’ll carry.


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    This site was awarded the "Heavenly Site Award" from the Children's Protection & Advocacy Coalition (CPAC)

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