The 1995 Royal Rumble Match

At the 1995 Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels made history. Spending nearly 40 minutes in the ring, Michaels became the first man to enter the Rumble at No. 1 and go on to win the match.

Michaels and British Bulldog entered the match as Nos. 1 and 2, and Bulldog nearly eliminated HBK in the early going. HBK avoided several elimination attempts throughout the match, and after Michaels eliminated Bushwhacker Luke, it was down to Michaels and Bulldog alone in the ring again for a short time before the No. 15 entrant, King Kong Bundy, made his way to the ring.

In the end, the final four participants were Michaels, Bulldog, No. 19 entrant Lex Luger and No. 30 entrant Crush. Luger was eliminated by Michaels first, as HBK pushed him over the top rope while he was attacking Crush. Crush & Michaels then formed a tenuous alliance to attack Bulldog. Crush eventually turned on HBK, but Bulldog attacked him as he was about to eliminate Michaels, instead sending Crush over the top rope and leaving the first two entrants as the final two men in the match.

Bulldog proceeded to hammer Michaels and toss him over the top rope. Thinking he won the match, Bulldog began to celebrate; however, Michaels was somehow able to keep one of his feet from hitting the floor, meaning that hr was never officially eliminated from the match. HBK rolled back in the ring, and as Bulldog stood on the second turnbuckle celebrating, Michaels charged, knocking him over the top rope to the floor. Michaels was declared the winner, and earned a WWE Championship match against Diesel at WrestleMania XI as his reward.