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Test of Honor Winners

Test of Honor Contest Winners

aving proven their might by overcoming worthy foes, the following characters have been gifted with a special tabard. This tabard will announce to all around them, friend or foe, their vast power and their steadfast dedication to bringing ruin upon their opponents. Congratulations to all the winners of the Test of Honor Contest! May your deeds win you further acclaim!

Realm Character Name Class/Race Faction
Agamaggan (PvP) Garryback Alliance
Agamaggan (PvP) Dhomochevsky Horde
Aggramar (Normal) Tjup Alliance
Aggramar (Normal) Vin Horde
Al'Akir (PvP) Oojhz Alliance
Al'Akir (PvP) Orochimarv Horde
Arathor (Normal) Ellerosse Alliance
Arathor (Normal) Jobbie Horde
Argent Dawn (RP) Hybbe Alliance
Argent Dawn (RP) Hidrasactum Horde
Aszune (Normal) Toroda Alliance
Aszune (Normal) Johnnywelsh Horde
Azjol-Nerub (Normal) Cheeky Alliance
Azjol-Nerub (Normal) Gyldendahl Horde
Bladefist (PvP) Chrisse Alliance
Bladefist (PvP) Serthius Horde
Bloodfeather (PvP) Salach Alliance
Bloodfeather (PvP) Qoo Horde
Bloodhoof (Normal) Nilthias Alliance
Bloodhoof (Normal) Zandar Horde
Bloodscalp (PvP) Loki Alliance
Bloodscalp (PvP) Keen Horde
Burning Blade (PvP) Burns Alliance
Burning Blade (PvP) Bionic Horde
Burning Legion (PvP) Kenshin Alliance
Burning Legion (PvP) Ethics Horde
Crushridge (PvP) Lilith Alliance
Crushridge (PvP) Beta Horde
Daggerspine (PvP) Oo Alliance
Daggerspine (PvP) Sheeptar Horde
Darksorrow (PvP) Lurifix Alliance
Darksorrow (PvP) Grief Horde
Deathwing (PvP) Ophedia Alliance
Deathwing (PvP) Vision Horde
Doomhammer (Normal) Abunakkashii Alliance
Doomhammer (Normal) Nepo Horde
Draenor (Normal) Nahaz Alliance
Draenor (Normal) Chojin Horde
Dragonblight (Normal) Sasha Alliance
Dragonblight (Normal) Satanmlk Horde
Dragonmaw (PvP) Ocean Alliance
Dragonmaw (PvP) Ghuldor Horde
Dunemaul (PvP) Rave Alliance
Dunemaul (PvP) Soulrender Horde
Earthen Ring (RP) Borghild Alliance
Earthen Ring (RP) Asmodean Horde
Emerald Dream (Normal) Jumbo Alliance
Emerald Dream (Normal) Hiratchi Horde
Frostwhisper (PvP) Drones Alliance
Frostwhisper (PvP) Zana Horde
Hellscream (Normal) Silkenmbrace Alliance
Hellscream (Normal) Skrelt Horde
Kor'gall (PvP) Loke Alliance
Kor'gall (PvP) Xith Horde
Ragnaros (PvP) No Alliance
Ragnaros (PvP) Dunaj Horde
Ravencrest (PvP) Richijefe Alliance
Ravencrest (PvP) Wrain Horde
Runetotem (Normal) Kronos Alliance
Runetotem (Normal) Martenus Horde
Shadow Moon (PvP) Blitz Alliance
Shadow Moon (PvP) Pimperton Horde
Shadowsong (Normal) Oyda Alliance
Shadowsong (Normal) Keltor Horde
Shattered Hand (PvP) Madde Alliance
Shattered Hand (PvP) Khaine Horde
Silvermoon (Normal) Me Alliance
Silvermoon (Normal) Zylphias Horde
Skullcrusher (PvP) Sylvver Alliance
Skullcrusher (PvP) Revan Horde
Spinebreaker (PvP) Ladrim Alliance
Spinebreaker (PvP) Seny Horde
Stormrage (Normal) Sardonyx Alliance
Stormrage (Normal) Munch Horde
Stormreaver (PvP) Chidori Alliance
Stormreaver (PvP) Garthas Horde
Stormscale (PvP) Nuc Alliance
Stormscale (PvP) Yuber Horde
Sunstrider (PvP) Andreas Alliance
Sunstrider (PvP) Urzar Horde
Sylvanas (PvP) Mystiq Alliance
Sylvanas (PvP) Azecon Horde
Terenas (Normal) Beetlegeuse Alliance
Terenas (Normal) Aravan Horde
The Maelstrom (PvP) Lukeh Alliance
The Maelstrom (PvP) Stealth Horde
Thunderhorn (Normal) Magyman Alliance
Thunderhorn (Normal) Garine Horde
Turalyon (Normal) Niar Alliance
Turalyon (Normal) Jul Horde
Twilight's Hammer (PvP) Rhin Alliance
Twilight's Hammer (PvP) Teoh Horde
Vashj (PvP) Azenie Alliance
Vashj (PvP) Frein Horde
Warsong (PvP) Mythos Alliance
Warsong (PvP) Rexter Horde
Zenedar (PvP) Kargan Alliance
Zenedar (PvP) Wudilaile Horde

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