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Did You Know?!?

This section will be updated soon.

  • Bret Hart is the ONLY wrestler in history to be triple crown winner in both in WWF and WCW.

  • Shawn Michaels forfeited his WWF title on Raw due to the unwillingness to job to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13. (what a loser)

  • Hulk Hogan has never defeated Jerry Lawler in a wrestling match.

  • Ryan Shamrock once worked at a Strip Club in Houston, TX.

  • The Rock played college football for the Miami Hurricanes.

  • Road Dogg fought in Desert Storm.

  • Part of Mankind's right ear was torn off by Vader on a tour of Germany when his head was caught between the ropes.

  • Legion of Doom is the only tag team in wrestling history to hold the AWA, NWA, and WWF tag team titles.

  • The Dudley Boyz are the only tag team in wrestling history to hold the WWF, WCW, and ECW tag team titles.

  • Raven was a manager in the WWF that went by the name Johnny Polo. Under this name he managed the Quebecers and Adam Bomb.

  • D´┐ŻLo Brown is a certified Accountant.

  • Diamond Dallas Page has held every Heavyweight Title in the WCW.

  • Mark Henry has set several world weight-lifting records and competed in 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

  • WrestleMania VII was moved from the Rose Bowl to the Sports Arena in Los Angeles because Vince McMahon feared a sniper might try and take out lead heel Sgt. Slaughter, playing the role of a Iraqi sympathizer during the Gulf War.

  • People think that Sid Justice doublecrossed Vince McMahon by kicking out of Hogan's legdrop at WrestleMania VIII, which isn't the case at all. Papa Shango was late for his run-in during the match which left Sid no choice but to kick out.

  • No heel has left one of the first 14 WrestleManias as WWF world champion.

  • The Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart "Ironman Match" at Wrestle Mania XII lasted 61:52.

  • Sable debuted at WrestleMania XII as Hunter Hearst Helmsley's valet.

  • Kevin Nash was "Super Shredder" in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie.

  • Undertaker was in Suburban Commando with Hogan.

  • Owen Hart has either entered or left WrestleMania as a world tag team champion with three different partners: Yokozuna, Davey Boy Smith and now, Jeff Jarrett.

  • In 1994, WCW used to hire paid models and actors to sit in the audience to cheer and boo their wrestlers because the audience was usually dead for their shows.

  • When WCW did the WorldWide show, they used to have a monitor to tell the audience who to cheer and who to boo. One one occasion when Rick Rude and the Equalizer (the "heels") the audience accidentally cheered for them and WCW had to reshoot their entrance over again.

  • On May 11, 1987, Kevin Von Erich collapsed in the middle of the ring during an eight-man bout pitting him, The Fantastics, and Bruiser Brody against Brian Adias, Black Bart, Al Madril, and Al Perez. Fantastic Tommy Rogers saw Von Erich turning blue and applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • On May 26, 1987, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik were arrested by NJ State police. Duggan was charged with possession of marijuana and drinking alcohol while driving. Sheik was charged with possession of marijana and cocaine. Duggan received a conditional discharge and Sheik received one year probation.

  • On July 4, 1989, Davey Boy Smith, Jason the Terrible, and Chris Benoit were injured in a head-on automobile accident in Jasper, Alberta. Smith suffered a cracked vertebrae in his back and needed 100 stitches in his head after being thrown through the windshield of the car. Jason suffered 2 fractures in his left leg. Benoit injured his right knee.

  • The WWF claimed that the Dynamite Kid left the WWF and retired because of an injury. The Bulldog opted to keep contact with the WWF and because of that and other reasons, the Bulldog and the Dynamite Kid haven't spoken in years.

  • In 1991, Ric Flair quit the WCW. He showed up in the WWF soon thereafter holding the WCW title and claimed to be the "Real World's champion." The reason he was able to leave the company with the title is because he owned that title. WCW later bought it back from Flair for reportedly $75,000.

  • Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Hewlette were supposedly "married" in August 1991. Actually, that was an angle to get a better buy rate for the pay-per-view. Savage and Liz were married in December 1984.

  • On March 6, 1992, Paul Roma made his pro boxing debut which resulted in a 4-round loss when his manager threw in the towel. Roma won his first fight on April 1 with a 47-second TKO over Norman Fortini in Randolph, MA.

  • On April 4, TitanSports debuted WBF BodyStars on USA Network.

  • On October 1, 1992, Kerry Von Erich was sentenced to 6 felony counts of prescription forgery. He received a 10-year suspended sentence, 10 years of supervised probation, and a $6,000 fine. On February 18, 1993, Von Erich committed suicide by gunshot with a .44-caliber handgun, one day after being indicted on a cocaine possession charge. It was also later revealed that he had an artificial foot because of a car accident he was involved in in 1984.

  • When Shawn Michaels was attacked outside of a Syracuse nightclub by approximately 10 thugs (actually it was by a marine group), Shawn was accompanied by Davey Boy Smith and X-Pac. They beat up Shawn while the others held Davey Boy and X-Pac back.

  • Ted Dibiase attends church at First Assembly of God in Concord, North Carolina.

  • Former Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard is now a preacher in North Carolina.

  • The Ultimate Warrior left the WWF in 1991 because he and Vince McMahon did not come to terms on his future role...Warrior wanted to be in the title situation but the WWF saw differently...in 1992, the Warrior disappeared again because he did not want to get involved in a second-rate feud with Nailz.

  • While Alundra Blayze was in Japan, she released her own music CD!

  • Bret Hart used to co-own the Calgary Hitmen. (WHL Hockey Team)

  • Before entering the world of wrestling, Rikishi earned money by dancing on the streets of San Fransisco!

  • Dok Hendrix is an avid Atlanta Braves fan, while Jerry "The King" Lawler is crazy about the Indians!

  • Before going in to pro wrestling, Ahmed Johnson's favorite wrestler was Ted DiBiase!

  • Marty Jannetty had aspirations of becoming NOT a pro wrestler, but a pro boxer! His all time favorite? The one and only Muhammad Ali!

  • Duke "The Dumpster" Droese is also known as "The Garbage Man Of A Thousand Voices"! Duke can imitate alot of wrestlers, and his best one? Non other than Vince McMahon!

  • In his free time, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a big time Antiques Collector!

  • Bret "Hitman" Hart is an avid Boston Red Sox fan!

  • After getting out of college, The Late Great Brian Pillman played two seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL!

  • Prior entering the WWF, Sable was a top model for "Guess" Jeans!

  • Luke and Butch of the Bushwhackers, own one of the most popular restaurants in Tampa, Florida, called "Bushwhackers Down Under"!

  • Before entering the World Wrestling Federation, Faarooq was one of the only two men to have had his football jersey retired at Florida State University!

  • Mr. Bob Backlund was a wrestling teacher at Central Connecticut State Collage!

  • Ahmed Johnson used to be a pro football player for the Dallas Cowboys.

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