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With Generation Three, we've taken the world's most popular airplane in its class and transformed it into an aircraft that's even better. Amazingly, we've done it without adding any weight. We’ve designed one of the most weight-efficient wing structures in the industry – reducing the weight of the wing assembly more than 50 lb (23 kg) while increasing its strength. As a result, Cirrus Generation Three aircraft boast a "wing weight to total aircraft ratio" that rivals the best in the industry.

Lighter Wing – Our new wing, centered around a new carbon-fiber spar, reduces the airplane's overall weight and provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio while offering greater range and fuel capacity than ever before.

Expanded Center of Gravity Envelope – Expanding the CG envelope gives the pilot greater loading flexibility at gross weight.

Increased Fuel Capacity Means Greater Range – With its 92-gallon (348 litre) usable wet-wing fuel storage system, range is increased by over 16 percent, so you can reach even more destinations without a fuel stop.
Taller Stance, Greater Ground Clearance – The main landing gear has been reengineered to increase the airplane height by two inches (5.1 cm). This provides greater prop and tail clearance when landing on less-than-ideal runway surfaces.
New Recognition Lights – Designed into the new wingtips, LED recognition lights increase your visibility of the airport environment during taxi, takeoff, and landing at night. They also make it easier to “see and be seen” by other aircraft, increasing your chances of collision avoidance, both day and night.
Improved Handling – One of the best-handling aircraft is now even better. Increased dihedral improves lateral stability, providing a more balanced and fluid feel.

Improved Aerodynamic Characteristics – Wing root fairings have also been redesigned to reduce drag and increase climb efficiency.
Improved Ice Protection System – The corrosion-resistant titanium TKS porous panels now run the entire length of the wings – that's over seven feet more wing coverage than before. Since more surface area is covered by the glycol anti-ice solution and you get greater fluid capacity than before, the ice protection system gives you nearly 50 percent more endurance.

Ice Protection System Endurance

  SR22-G2  SR22-G3
Normal Mode 60min 90min
Max Mode 30min 45min
Figures above are estimated and may vary from aircraft to aircraft.

Plus, the filler port is now located on the wing. This makes it easier to fill the system and gives you the added ability to see the fluid level during refills to prevent overfills.

Environmental System Design Change – Fresh air flow on Generation Three aircraft has increased by 40 percent, and the airflow has more than doubled in full heat mode. We've increased the hot air temperature by 30 degrees F (16.7 degrees C). You'll also find the system smoother and easier to operate.

Air Conditioning Now Available on All SR22 Models, Turbo Included – Both the Cirrus SR22-G3 Turbo and the SR22-GTS Turbo can now be ordered with factory-installed air conditioning. So whether you're flying above the weather and enjoying the smooth air outside ... or flying down low and enjoying the cool air inside, you'll get it all with the new SR22 Turbos from Cirrus.