True champion of champions

By: Jen Hunt
Written: November 5, 2006

Even though he unsuccessfully tried to forge alliances with his competitors behind their backs, King Booker would unknowingly get help from the most unlikely of candidates. In doing so, he was able to win the historic match and be crowned the Champion of Champions at Cyber Sunday.

Moments before the contest began, King Booker’s face showed his utter shock and disbelief when it was revealed that a whopping 67 percent of WWE and ECW fans voted for his World Heavyweight Championship to be on the line. In the history-making match against ECW World Champion Big Show and WWE Champion John Cena, King Booker was determined to come out on top, no matter what the fans had voted.

“It was a travesty of justice for my World Heavyweight Championship to be put on the line with a rogue such as Big Show and a peasant such as John Cena,” lamented Booker.

All three showed why they are champions as it was a fierce and combative bout. It looked like Cena was on his way to a victory as he was about to put an end to King Booker’s reign. Queen Sharmell came into the ring looking to use her King’s World Heavyweight Championship on Cena, but he saw her and gave the Queen a crippling FU. When the referee went to check on her, King Booker went after Cena, but again Cena was ready and caught him with the STFU. Booker cried out and it looked like Cena would be going home with two championships.

Then out of nowhere, rap artist and Cena’s recent adversary Kevin Federline ran into the ring and hit Cena with the World Heavyweight Championship. A stunned Cena went after K-Fed, but King Booker clocked Cena with a second shot, knocking the champ out cold. Booker ultimately covered Cena for the three-count to retain his gold.

As Cena lay motionless in the ring, K-Fed mocked him by doing Cena’s signature “You Can’t See Me” taunts over his defeated body. K-Fed was heard laughing and making fun of Cena on his way out of the arena and bragged to several that he would be on Monday Night RAW. While his motives are not known at this time, K-Fed’s Cena screw job comes on the heels of several weeks of each movie star/rapper trying to one up each other. However, costing the Dr. of Thuganomics the title goes well beyond anything either party has done to the other in the past. Much like the name of his new album, K-Fed is Playing with Fire.

Everyone is wondering if K-Fed will make good on his promise to show up Monday night on RAW and what he will do should he arrive.

King Booker, indignant about the help he received from Federline had a few words to say after the match.

“I assure you John Cena will pay and he will pay dearly for giving my Queen the FU. I vanquished Big Show. I vanquished John Cena and now I stand here before you: King Booker. King and ruler of the SmackDown kingdom and now the Champion of Champions.”


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