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The trial in the case of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo will commence on 23 June 2008

The Hague, 13 March 2008


Situation: Democratic Republic of Congo
Case: The Prosecutor vs. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

Trial Chamber I decided that the trial in the case of Mr Thomas Lubanga Dyilo shall commence on 23 June 2008 at the seat of the Court in The Hague, and not on 31 March 2008 as was determined earlier.  

Background information

Investigations into grave crimes allegedly committed on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo began in June 2004.

On 17 March 2006, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, the founder and leader of the Union des patriotes congolais (Union of Congolese Patriots) was surrendered and transferred to the Court upon a warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I at the request of the Prosecutor.

On 29 January 2007, Pre-Trial Chamber I confirmed the charges against Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, namely war crimes consisting of conscripting and enlisting children under the age of 15 into the FPLC, the military wing of the Union des patriotes congolais (UPC), and using them to participate actively in hostilities in Ituri, in international conflict from September 2002 to 2 June 2003, and in armed conflicts not of an international character from 2 June 2003 to 13 August 2003.

The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo is the first case that arose from the situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo; the second case is The Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga and Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui. Investigations are ongoing in the DRC.

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