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Born. To August ("Gussie") Anheuser Busch Jr., 54, president of Anheuser-Busch, Inc., second biggest U.S. brewery (Budweiser), and president of the St. Louis Cardinals, and his third wife, Gertrude Buholzer Busch, 26: their first child (his fifth), a son. Name: Adolphus August. Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.

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Married. Frank Stranahan, 30, high-ranking U.S. amateur golfer and Toledo spark-plug millionheir; and Ann Williams, 21, a Dallas model; in Chicago.

Married. Marguerite Piazza, 33, onetime Metropolitan Opera lyric soprano and TV songstress (Your Show of Shows) ; and William Condon, 45, Memphis snuff company executive, she for the third time, he for the second; in Jackson, Miss.

Divorced. Bela Lugosi, 68, veteran Hollywood cinemonster (Dracula); by his third wife, Lillian Arch Lugosi, 41, on the ground that his "unfounded jealousy" constituted mental cruelty; after 20 years of marriage, one son; in Los Angeles.

Died. Maurice Joseph Tobin, 52, Secretary of Labor under Truman (1948-53), onetime Massachusetts governor (1945-46), and mayor of Boston (1938-44); of a heart attack; in Scituate, Mass. Son of an Irish immigrant carpenter, he grew up in Boston's drab Mission Hill district, worked his way through high school, studied law at night. After two years in the state legislature, handsome Democrat Tobin twice upset Boss Jim Curley in hard-fought mayoralty campaigns, resigned to win the governorship by 150,000 votes, lost it to Back Bay Republican Robert F. Bradford two years later. Appointed Labor Secretary by Truman before the 1948 election. Fair Dealer Tobin backed union demands in last year's steel dispute, urged revision of the Taft-Hartley Act.

Died. Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 74, second Duke of Westminster and one of the world's richest landlords; of coronary thrombosis; in Loch More, Scotland. Reportedly worth $168 million in inherited real estate (e.g.. 200,000 acres of farmland, 600 acres of London's West End. including the site of the U.S. embassy), the fun-loving duke was a World War I hero, a collector of great art (e.g., Gainsborough's The Blue Boy), and a ladies' man (four marriages, three divorces). To celebrate his third marriage (to Socialite Loelia Ponsonby) in 1930, he granted his poorer tenants remission of arrears and a week's free rent, but hoped in vain for a son to succeed him.

Died. Maude Adams, 80, one of the most beloved actresses of the U.S. stage; in Tannersville, N.Y. (see THEATER).

Died. Hilaire Belloc. 82, Edwardian man of letters; in Guildford, England (see FOREIGN NEWS).

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