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Self-propelled Acoustic Magnetic Mine Sweep
The SAM system is a unique remote-controlled or autonomous minesweep for sweeping of influence mines.

The concept provides safe and rapidly deployable mine countermeasure capability for assured access to ports and sea lines of communication in the littoral environment.

The previous generations SAMs are proven in live operations and baseline for the development of SAM 3.

With its capabilty to simulate different types and sizes of ships, without risking either lives or valuable ships, the SAMs takes minesweeping to a new level of efficiency.

Design for safety and efficiency

  • Reduce the risk of losing lives and ships
  • Sweep both shallow and deep waters
  • Sweep harbour areas
  • Protect own minesweepers and other vessels
  • Sweep buried magnetic and acoustic mines

An MCMV - or any other kind of vessel - can operate up to four SAMs simultaneously, but the SAM can equally well be controlled from land.

The first generations SAMs have been used successfully for decades around the world.

Multi-vehicle mission with up to four vehicles in formation for physically realistic signature resemblance corresponding to targeted ship types and sizes.

SAM 3 allows for stand-alone operations without any supporting MCM units, and with a minimum of human personnel involved.

SAM 3 is designed to conduct unmanned and autonomous (up to several days) missions in extreme littoral environments, both for territorial and long range deployment.

SAM 3 has the capabilities to conduct minesweeping (and other MCM operations) in the regimes of 3 m (10 ft) to 60 m (200 ft) water depth.

SAM 3. The simplicity of the SAM 3 with its easy to handle and use characteristics, combined with high performance in mine countermeasure operations, make it an important asset for mine clearance in an extreme littoral environment such as coastal areas, archipelagos and harbour areas.

SAM 1.0
Technical data

Technical data


18.0 m

14.4 m


6.1 m

6.7 m


1.6 m

1.2 m


26 tonnes

14 tonnes

Max speed

8 knots

12 knots


330 nm / 7 knots

300 nm / 8 knots


One 150 kW diesel

2 x 140 knots


Schottel type



Inflatable RIB-collar type pontoons




Further information SAM 1.0 - download PDF file
Further information SAM 3 - download PDF file

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MCMV Landsort

MCMV Styrsö


KBV 301

KBV 201