Grand Theft Auto series has sold 66 million units to date

Take-Two says major Rockstar title also planned for 2009

Publisher Take-Two revealed sales figures for its intellectual properties last night, following the news that the company had suffered a USD 38 million loss for the first quarter.

The company's biggest franchise — Grand Theft Auto — has sold 66 million units to date, according to chairman Strauss Zelnick.

Executives also said that GTA developer Rockstar Games is working on "at least one major sequel" due for release in 2009, although it did not disclose any more details.

Rockstar's racing franchise Midnight Club has sold 11.5 million units to date, while Manhunt, Bully and Red Dead Revolver have all sold 1.5 million units.

Take-Two's Civilisation has sold 8 million units, Max Payne 7 million, Mafia and BioShock 2 million each and new IP Carnival Games is approaching one million sales, executives said.

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